Plasma rich in growth factors

Written by: Dr. Carlos Tomás Simorte Moreno
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Therapy with growth factors is a treatment used to repair injured mainly in musculoskeletal and sports medicine unit tissues.


What are growth factors?


Growth factors are proteins within a contained blood platelets and are responsible for regeneration, remodeling and repair of injured tissues and / or worn. They also have the ability to regulate cellular functions such as proliferation, migration, extracellular matrix synthesis to heal injured tissues.


Growth Factors


When does it apply?


This regenerative therapy is applied increasingly in various diseases of the human body, but where it is used is in the section of musculoskeletal diseases and Sports Medicine. Breakage of muscle and tendon fibers, weakness or torn ligaments, fractures and cartilage, are some of the injuries that are treated with this therapy. Side effects from the application of this regenerative therapy of growth factors are negligible effect with respect to the other therapies to treat the same disease. The plasma is obtained from the same patient, avoiding a possible rejection by the same.


How Growth Factors are obtained?


A blood to the patient is performed, the amount of which will depend on the area being treated. This blood is centrifuged at a speed and given time to separate platelets from other cells. Aproximadament, per 10ml of blood drawn about 3 or 4 ml of plasma rich in growth factors obtained. The process is simple and minimally invasive, so it is done on an outpatient basis. The infiltration is performed in the office or in the operating room, as appropriate, and their duration is usually about 40 minutes.


Advantages of growth factors


They are a natural way of healing and skeletal muscle injury, and treatment with fast processing and implementation.

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By Dr. Carlos Tomás Simorte Moreno
Orthopaedic Surgery

Simorte Dr. Moreno is a renowned orthopedic surgeon and orthopedic surgeon who has extensive professional experience. An expert in Sports Traumatology, Growth Factors and in the treatment of joint injuries by arthroscopic surgery. In addition to exercising in different centers of the capital, the doctor has been a speaker at numerous lectures specialty, director of sports courses health visitor and a member of various scientific societies, national and international.

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