Think hard and you will succeed

Written by: Arantza Pérez Mijares
Edited by: Top Doctors®

How often we hear or say I feel sad, I feel like not wanting, I feel bad. And it is true that we are well. Especially in spring, pay attention not to fall in the spring depressions.

Sorry, we have souls and hearts that make us see that sorry, but sorry is because we. Every positive thought is a positive emotion. If you do not believe me try it. Then¿failing in our thoughts when we feel sad? So yeah, fail our thoughts that happen to be positive to be automated and negative. They send messages like:&ldquo,&rdquo Your not worth ;,&ldquo,&rdquo You can not ;,“You do not know&rdquo&ldquo ;,, you will go wrong&rdquo ;, etc. & iquest, To deepen the thoughts we know so well&hellip ;, or not


Let's do a small analysis of these&ldquo,&rdquo intimate enemies:

1. automated thoughts. mmm. & iquest, really ? They are really thoughts that seem automated because they appear suddenly and without being invited to dampen the party, but in reality, we call us @ s mism @ s.

2. Are negative. What's more, are catastrophic. We always placed in the worst possible situations.

3. They are idiosyncratic. We belong to our most intimate fears and insecurities speak.

4. They are expressed in terms“would have to”“should of&rdquo ,.

5. The good news is that usually lie. Negative automatic thoughts influence our view of reality, we produce&ldquo,&rdquo cognitive distortions;distortion and that leads us very little constructive emotions to us @ s mism @ s.

& iquest;What can we do with these thoughts ? Positive thinking is easier than it seems. Come up with tricks: get yourself a notebook and points verbatim those thoughts that come unbidden. Point them and leaves beside a blank. & iquest;will we do with that blank once collected all my negative automatic thoughts? Face them with reality. Veras as the vast majority of them have not the slightest foundation.

Many will be unscientific, for example,“Everyone is a selfish”¿really all ? Some generalizations will. We take a negative situation and with that data and make a generalization. For example, we went to dinner at a new restaurant. It was all perfect, but I had pennyroyal. We can not infer that the dinner was a disaster. Even you have left another blank. Faced with a negative thought,¿, can you think otherwise?¡Write it ! Ayudate generate alternative thoughts to negative.

Beware of the thoughts that disqualify us us @ s mism @ s: is prohibited by the First Law of Psychology to the rescue. Every time we say something bad about us s (which also is usually a generalization: because something does not work out I 'm not a / a useless or a disaster ). Let's be very careful with the words we say because every word is marked on the brain and leaves a mark. If you leave footprints, things that are worthwhile.

To summarize, some verses of Don Ramon Campoamor:

In this treacherous world, there is truth or a lie: everything is in the eye of the beholder


Put on the glasses to see things right, go out into the street with the glasses to see life rosy. & iquest, you felt pain? Sure, everyone at some point we have felt. A part of your life naturally, but without suffering. So you know, think about it and go wrong.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Arantza Pérez Mijares

By Arantza Pérez Mijares

Dr. Pérez Mijares has over 15 years of experience as a psychologist in the public and private sectors, as well as teaching courses in different subjects. Specializing in anxiety, with treatment through Mindfulness. Also an expert in the fields of sexual psychology, couple and stress. Currently he is director and co-director of radio programs and collaborates with different NGOs.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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