Hair loss? Implanter is the solution

Written by: Dr.Prof. José Luis Afonso Junior
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What is Implanter?

An implanter is a surgical instrument for implantation of hair. Invented in the 90s by a Korean doctor named Yung Chul Choi, they are small pens where we have two sizes: 0.8mm for one or two hairs and 1mm for three or more hairs.


What is the procedure?

Hair transplantation can be done in two extraction techniques, as we know FUE technique and technique of the strip or FUSS. Either can be used for an implant, which we see in this picture there we have two follicular units entering the needle and are protected follicular units, which can regulate these needles can regulate the growth angle hair implant depth, the distance between the implanted hair and density, we can do almost the same as the natural, we can deploy up to 80 follicular units per square centimeter.


What advantages over other techniques?

Small incisions are made, with 0.8 or 1 mm, and this is completely natural. It's the same as when we draw blood, follicular units, being naturally close.. Then we can adjust the depth of penetration of the hair. We can make a maximum density, and we can join the follicular units close to each other so that it is the most natural way possible. We can adjust the depth of hair, according to each patient's hair is set to the exact depth. We can adjust the angle and make a completely natural angle, so that the hair can be in their normal angulation. The density, we can make a greater density and higher growth rate. When we we graft follicular units within these needles, I is protected with the needle, and so when we graft on the bald skin, slides in and with this we can reach a higher growth rate. We can reach up to 100% of the transplanted hairs. We may have a totally natural result and with these instruments has changed the hair transplant. The other prior art, the clamp technique, in which we make pre-incision, we take a clamp, open and we grafting one to one. But we drawbacks. Which are? First, a larger incision to be at least three to four grafts is done; second highest percentage of fibrosis; third, has a less natural look where we can observe follicle with a diameter greater output, we see in this photo.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr.Prof. José Luis Afonso Junior
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Afonso is a renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine expert in the field of trichology and hair transplantation using the extraction technique Folicular Units (FUE). During his long career, he has performed more than 1,000 surgeries using the FUE technique. Currently, he is the medical director of the Dr. Pelo Clinics. He is also a professor in the Master in Transplant and Hair Medicine at the University of Alcalá and member of national and international associations of the specialty.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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