Peeling: what results?

Written by: Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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What is a peeling and what types are there?

The peeling is a treatment that will get a skin peel, which get improved collagen and elastin stimulation. This will be reflected in a better appearance, brightness of the skin and improving wrinkles. There are 2 types of physical and chemical peeling. The physical is through machines hydroxide cast aluminum or laser. And are different products and the chemicals we use depending on the product and the peeling will be more or less deep.


What is the treatment?

The peeling we will show is first to pass a machine that injects aluminum hydroxide crystals pressure that will produce a first skin exfoliation. Once done cleaning is done, let it rest a few minutes and we will apply a chemical peel that depending on the substance and concentration that will put deeper. This second peeling will complete treatment. Once this second peeling perform an application of moisturizers and emollients and the patient can return to normal life without any problems. You can even back to the office to work and the most you can have is 24h some redness.


What results are achieved?

The result we will get with the peeling is a skin improvement both in appearance and smoothness. The skin will be brighter and by stimulation of the collagen fibers will get a disappearance of fine wrinkles. This can be used both to treat photoaging skin and acne scars. We will also give good results in stains although we advise prior to laser treatment.

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By Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca

Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca is a leading dermatologist with 35 years of professional experience. He is an expert in alopecia, skin cancer and stains and pigmented lesions laser. Author of numerous publications, is regular at conferences and meetings on the field, both nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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