Child Orthodontics helps early diagnosis to treatment

Written by: Dra. Paloma Tortosa Royo
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What is child orthodontics?

Children's orthodontics is what allows dentists of children, dentists-pediatricians, diagnose in time. Seeing a child before age three makes it possible to know if your problem should be addressed at that time or later, never miss the most opportune moment to start that treatment.

What indicates the need for child orthodontics?

There are two very important signs that always require early treatment. The first sign is the cross bite, when the top and the bottom of the mouth do not match each other. This creates asymmetries, which if not addressed in time, when the patient is a teenager are very difficult to treat. It is also very important to ask the parents how they have their mouths because there are many things that have to do with the growth that are inherited.

The possibility of seeing children on time and being able to meet parents allows some treatments to be started early and, with the help of growth, easier to tackle in the long term.

When should child orthodontic treatment begin and how long does it last?

It should start based on a good diagnosis. The most important thing is to identify cases, never a child will start a treatment at the same time as another. You have to see them in time to find the most appropriate and opportune time to address it.

The treatment lasts between six months and a year and a half, although it depends on each case. You have to make a first visit to pediatric dentistry or a child orthodontist. This first visit must be done when temporary dentification is contemplated, after three and four years the patient is seen and treatment is individualized.

What are the benefits of an early orthodontic treatment?

Especially to prevent a later and very complex orthodontic treatment. There are things that if treated in time make the growth symmetrical and natural. These early treatments are focused on the bone treatment: to spread a palate, to favor the growth of a jaw or a maxilla ... When the bones are arranged it is very easy to re-place the teeth well in their places.

How many phases does a child orthodontic treatment have?

One or two. In patients who have a crossbite, only one phase to pre-come future asymmetries: a maxillary widening device is placed and the treatment lasts approximately eight months.

Then there are the patients who need two phases of treatment, with them we work the growth. These need a device that helps correct growth and when the bone is already correctly positioned, we place fixed appliances, better known as brackets, to align the teeth and leave them in a good position.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Paloma Tortosa Royo

She is an expert in orthodontics, craniomandibular dysfunction and orofacial pain. Its success has led her to open her own clinic, a query that combines homework as an associate professor in the subject of Orthodontics at the University of Valencia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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