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By Dra. Paloma Tortosa Royo

She is an expert in orthodontics, craniomandibular dysfunction and orofacial pain. Its success has led her to open her own clinic, a query that combines homework as an associate professor in the subject of Orthodontics at the University of Valencia.

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Overall assessment of their patients

Child Orthodontics helps early diagnosis to treatment

¿child 's orthodontic


Child Orthodontics is allowing children dentists, dentist - pediatricians diagnose early. Seeing a child before age three possible whether its pro- lem must be addressed at that time or later, we must never lose the most opportune time to start such treatment.

¿That indicates the need for child orthodontics


There are two important signs that always require early treatment. The first sign is the crossbite, when the top and bottom of the mouth do not match each other. This creates asymmetries, which if not addressed in time, when the patient is a teenager are very difficult to treat. It is also very important pre - Gunthar parents as they have the mouth because there are many things that have to do with growth that are inherited.

The possibility of seeing children on time and to meet the parents allow certain treatments can start early and with the help of growth, are easier to address the long- term.

¿When to start orthodontic treatment of child and how long


You should start on the basis of a good diagnosis. Most importantly, identify cases, a child will never begin treatment at the same instant that another. You have to see them more time to find the correct and timely abor - give it time.

The treatment lasts between six months to a year and a half, although it depends on each case. You have to make a first visit to a children's pediatric dentistry or orthodontist. This first visit is to be done when the temporary DENTIFICATION is contemplated, from three to four years will see the patient and treatment is individualized.

¿are the benefits of early orthodontic treatment


Especially prevent subsequent orthodontic treatment and very complex. There are things that if treated early growth make it symmetrical and natural. These early - ments are focused about the bone treatment: a desanchar a palate, to promote the growth of a jaw or a jaw… When the bones are arranged is very easy to post good teeth placed on their sites.

¿How many phases child has an orthodontic treatment


One or two. In patients who have a cross bite, just a phase for pre - come future asymmetries: are fitted with a maxillary expansion appliance and treatment lasts about eight months


Then there are patients in need of treatment two phases, they work with growth -mos. They need a device to help correct when bone growth and is already positioned correctly, place aparatologia fixed, better known as braces, to align teeth and leave them in a good position.

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Source: Article made based on experience and professional career of doctor
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection