Orthodontics in children, prevent rather than cure

Written by: Dra. Teresa Lasagabaster
Published: | Updated: 28/10/2018
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For your child to enjoy adulthood with good facial development and oral health, it is recommended that the first visit to the orthodontist. Specialists seek to prevent rather than cure, so your child's first study will have as objectives:


Objectives of the Orthodontic study in children

  1. Early diagnosis of deviations of facial development. Facial orthopedics is applied to normalize the development of the middle third of the face and thus avoid maxillofacial surgery in the adult.
  2. Alterations of lingual position at rest, speaking or swallowing or perioral muscles such as lips.
  3. Detect alterations in occlusion, the way of biting. We correct it in a simple and stable way to chew in a healthy way; maintaining healthy teeth and correct swallowing and digestion of food.
  4. Correct dental defects that damage your child's social relationships. Promoting their psycho-social development and self-esteem.
  5. Detect unhealthy habits that deteriorate teeth and facial development like using pacifier after two years.
  6. Assistance to the speech therapist in their treatments of:Correction of sounds related to malocclusion.Alterations of lingual position at rest, speaking or swallowing or perioral muscles such as lips.Re-education to healthy nasal breathing.
  7. Prevent and correct postural alterations, resulting from bad chewing, breathing or swallowing.
  8. Diagnosing respiratory disorders. Poor oral breathing causes tiredness, poor school performance and apathy; in addition to dental and facial alterations, sleep apneas and opening of high airways increasing the oxygen supply.
  9. Motivate and educate the correct oral hygiene. In short, it is simply that your child grows in health, self-esteem and quality of life.

orthodontics in children, prevention


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By Dra. Teresa Lasagabaster

Dr. Lasagabaster, a dentist specialized in orthodontics in the United States, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Dentistry and Stomatology. She is an orthodontic expert in patients with cleft lip and palate and craniofacial syndromes by the Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and the Center for Advanced Dental Education of Saint Louis University. In addition, he has dedicated himself exclusively to orthodontics in children and adults.

It has national and international certificates of different systems of invisible orthodontics and rapid orthodontics, such as, for example, Invisalign , Lingual Orthodontics or Wilcodontics-Osteogenic accelerated orthodontics , acceledent and mini-implants or micro-screws for temporary bone anchorage in orthodontics .

She has also developed her professional career in the field of teaching as a professor of orthodontics for national and international Masters . He has also collaborated in various national and international courses and conferences.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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