Damon orthodontic system, alternative to extractions

Written by: Sergio Fuentes
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

Currently it exists in Dentistry a system that avoids orthodontic tooth extractions to place the teeth in place, the Damon system.


Differences between the Damon system and other orthodontic techniques


There are several aspects that differentiate the Damon system of conventional orthodontic techniques:

  1. Ligating brackets are used liabilities. This means it is no longer necessary to hold the bow to the brackets with typical gums or bands of colors as well as with wires, but it allows the arc it is covered by a precision slide gate that opens and closes comfortably. Rubber bands or wires fastened the bow and pressed, slowing the movement, which, transferred to the automotive industry, would accelerate the car but, at the same time restrain. Eliminating ligatures faster movement and repositioning of the most effective teeth is allowed.
  2. Using high - tech bows develop light forces that favor the biological system without exerting excessive force exceeding the bow and damaging.
  3. Tooth extractions are eliminated. With conventional techniques, experts in dentistry and stomatology were sometimes forced to remove healthy parts. This is the case of crowding of teeth, developed maxilla, backward jaws, upper canines without space, among others. The Damon system obviates the extraction rule.
  4. No need to use additional devices in addition to the brackets.
  5. Reduction of treatment duration.
  6. Reduction dental visits. By leaving the arches work progressively and unhurried, monitoring visits are spaced between 2 and 3 months.
  7. Best results being faster and better process than that achieved with conventional techniques.

Damon system

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By Sergio Fuentes

Mr. Fuentes is an acknowledged expert in dentistry. With years of experience in the profession, has many courses and studies in various specialties of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics or periodontics, among others. He has combined his clinical work with teaching, being dictante training courses. He has also participated in national congresses of the specialty. Currently she holds Diagodent dental clinic and dental clinic Drs. Fuentes.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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