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Accelerated orthodontics ?

Written by: Dr. Alberto Canábez Berthet
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Orthodontic treatment can now done in much less time than with classical technique, and accelerated orthodontics also gives us more possibilities of correction.

The orthodontic that started being a treatment of children, is related to durations around two years. That is because the age of the children in the changes that lead from childhood to adulthood exploits occur. In this period of puberty, plus complete replacement of teeth, skeletal maturation of bone occurs mouth and almost all the jaw growth is completed. It is these changes that the orthodontist has a golden opportunity to positively influence the process, helping these developmental changes occur in an optimal way. When we talk about the duration of treatment of these characteristics, it looks logical that the treatment lasts about the same time that lasts this transformation of the body, ie 18-24 months.

There are, of course, more factors to consider, and one very crucial for the degree of their influence is the type of bone tissue that surrounds the roots of teeth and the nature of the union of these with the bone that supports them. This tissue gradually sloughs their cells and bone substance that composes in a dynamic equilibrium between reabsorption and rehearing bone. This property is what is used to force somehow teeth to a more perfect position, and influences the duration of treatment as it has its natural speed that can not be altered by the pressure of braces.

Over time, patients of our consultations are not alone children. We have discovered the potential of interdisciplinary orthodontics treatments and has become a powerful tool to achieve much better results in dental rehabilitation treatments with therapeutic approach to excellence. The orthodontists have developed devices that are applicable to adult patients and many people looking for quality results in the rehabilitation of his mouth were launched to put devices.

Of course, although our patients understand the importance of the quality of the result, also need to give them a time goal realistic treatment expectations, and what may be the shortest time. That is why it is so interesting accelerated orthodontics, because we can shorten the time of treatment significantly, with relatively innocuous surgical intervention, which can accelerate the processing time to a third of its length, and instead of 18-24 months, to propose treatment durations environment for 6-12 months with the same or better results.

About Clinics DEN

Clinics DEN born in 2007 in Barcelona with the doctors Alberto Canabez and Pablo Rial with the idea of ​​offering a new concept of dentistry based on combining aesthetics and functionality considering the facial aesthetics, dental aesthetics, functional occlusion, and periodontal joint health and long-term stability of the results.

Clinics DEN combine expert opinion of an entire team of specialists with the most advanced technologies of last generation as Radiology 3D, ICat and functional diagnosis in centric relation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Alberto Canábez Berthet

Prestigious international dentist and expert training in philosophy Roth Orthodontics, with 25 years experience, currently holds the Dental Clinic of Barcelona DEN. Participated in the First Videoforum Multidisciplinary dentofacial anomalies of Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid ( year 2010), and a member of the respected Roth Williams Society.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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