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Written by: Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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Correct minor defects of the nose without going through the operating room is the latest in nose touches. Therefore, traditional rhinoplasty, high surgical precision intervention to change the shape and / or size of the nose for aesthetic purposes, is complemented by new minimally invasive treatments to solve small defects without an operating room.


Rhinoplasty is a high-precision intervention that corrects both congenital defects and those that have occurred due to causes such as accidents or accidental hits on the face. With this intervention not only the shape of the nose is corrected but also the respiratory difficulty caused by a deviation of the nasal septum, then we speak of rhinoseptoplasty. They are nose operations that normally require anesthetic sedation. After more than 35 years of experience in rhinoplasty, I do not recommend the "limadita" , the simple scraping, as it usually leads to a flattening of the nasal dorsum very unattractive.

In my opinion practically everyone can improve their image with a well-developed nose surgery. For years I have used a computer system developed in the United States where both patients and doctors can see the changes in real time and plan an intervention, we could say, "a la carte". This procedure requires a great experience on the part of the surgeon to be able to transform all the steps followed in a computerized surgical technique.. Even in the operating room computerized preoperative images are used, in addition to a Galileo microscope , which triples the virtual size of all structures, or what is the same, achieves an accuracy three times greater than without this instrument.

aesthetic rhinoplasty
There are some options to get the desired nose without going through the operating room 

Treatments with or without surgery

The treatments of aesthetic improvement are in high demand and the techniques have evolved a lot, to the point that a great variety of surgical and non-surgical methods are used, with or without anesthesia. The surgeon's experience will always indicate the best procedure to perform.

With regard to minimally invasive techniques, they consist of infiltrating resorbable or permanent fillers to solve problems such as asymmetry, depressions, etc ... Botulinum toxin (botox or Vistabel) is also used to relax the muscles of the nasal tip and achieve "rise", so that the nasolabial angle is improved. There are also small outpatient interventions that can achieve spectacular final results in minutes.

With all these novel procedures can solve problems arising from a rhinoplasty, the patient will no longer have to go through the operating room again for a small touch-up. Although sometimes these treatments can not replace a surgical intervention if indicated.

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By Dr. Juan Antonio Mira González
Plastic surgery

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