Pediatric Dentistry: importance of children's oral health

Written by: Dra. Mercedes Fernández Soria
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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Paediatric Dentistry treats all those stomatognathic system disorders child. It is important to try and resolve any pathology early in the primary dentition to avoid future malocclusion or decay in permanent teeth. In addition, it is essential to establish proper oral hygiene habits from childhood.

At what age a child should first see a dentist

Recommended for a child to go to the first visit to the doctor's expert Odontopediatría age would be before the eruption of the first tooth; ie between six months and the first year of life.


Pathologies or problems about child Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry treats all those disorders of the stomatognathic system of children, comprehensive and interdisciplinary way. In this sense, not only involved the children 's dentists , but work with speech therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, allergists, maxillofacial, among others. The aim is always to solve any functional and skeletal alteration, not only tooth, the patient may present throughout childhood.


Most common in children oral pathologies

The most common diseases in children are usually caries and gingivitis, as well as alterations in skeletal development of the jaws.


Importance of oral health in childhood

It is important to try and resolve any condition that may already appear in primary teeth, as well as problems in the jaw growth caused mainly by functional alterations of swallowing, chewing, speech and breathing. The early detection of these alterations will facilitate proper development of bones and an improvement in basic oral functions. In addition, we will maintain a suitable replacement tooth that will be essential for future adult chewing.With this early intervention will prevent future malocclusion, presence of caries in permanent dentition, and the establishment of proper hygiene habits inculcated from childhood that will ensure a future oral health.

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By Dra. Mercedes Fernández Soria

Dr. Fernandez Soria is Doctor cum laude in Dentistry, and exercises focused on General Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry professional activity. Currently, part of the team of the Dental Clinic Mediterranean Murcia, with consultations in Murcia and Cieza, one of the most prestigious in terms of General Dentistry Orthodontics and clinics.

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