Written by: Dr. Ángel Silmi Macias
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The dentistry is the specialty within general dentistry, responsible for reviewing, caring, and restore if necessary, the oral health of children, ranging from the eruption of the first tooth, which occurs around 6 months of age, until approximately 14-16 years.

children smile Periodic reviews with the dentist are very important because they allow assessing the proper development of the jaws, facial muscles, training and dental eruption, as well as maintain proper dental health.

According to specialists in dentistry , it is appropriate that children are treated by a specialist in pediatrics, because they are professionals trained to know how to treat children while building a bond of trust with the dental clinic, avoiding anxiety, fear ....

Besides treatment in primary teeth and the final they are different, because of the dentition should be less conservative in times to avoid possible problems in the posterior dentition.

Moreover, the importance of good dental health child lies in the functions they perform teeth, allowing us to chew, speak properly, influence the development of bones and facial muscles ... and also play an important role in the development psychological, influencing the appearance and self-esteem of the child.

Therefore, the dentist is responsible for educating the child for proper dental hygiene, which is also interesting for adulthood, sealants assess first erupted molars to prevent tooth decay early in deep furrows, assess needs or not to refer to the orthodontist as bone and dental development of children, and make the right dental health to conserve space and permanent tooth.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ángel Silmi Macias

Dr. Silmi Macías, backed by 18 years of experience, has one of the brightest curriculums in dentistry both nationally and internationally. He has worked for more than 12 years in the department of oral surgery at the Clinical Hospital of Madrid, and has its own clinic in the financial heart of the capital. He is a specialist in the field of implants, prostheses and oral surgery, and combines his professional work with teaching, besides giving master classes at festivals, conferences and universities, among others. From his experience and knowledge, it is requested in prestigious dental clinics for complex treatments. He is an expert consultant Nobel Blocare and member of the SEPES.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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