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Written by: Dr. Antonio Ojeda Niño
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To find an effective pain treatment, we must first determine what kind of pain we are talking about. There are two types of pain: "malignant" (or pain from cancer) and chronic non-malignant pain. Of these two, the most frequent is the pain caused by chronic generative processes such as osteoarthritis, which cause cervical pain or back pain. That is, chronic non-malignant pain. Also, post-surgical chronic pain and reflex sympathetic dystrophies such as causalgia or neuralgia due to diseases such as herpes zoster or diabetic neuropathy. If after a maximum of three months, you have not been able to control it with the usual pain treatments , it is advisable to go to a Pain Clinic to prevent the problem from becoming chronic. The sooner the appropriate treatment or technique is performed, the sooner you will begin to feel better and the fewer problems you will have in the long term.

The Units or Pain Clinics treat any type of pain not controlled with the usual pain treatments. They work with a series of specialists (anesthesiologists specialized in pain, rehabilitation doctors, psychologists and medical specialists in acupuncture), who after a joint assessment of each of the cases, indicate a tailored treatment plan for each patient.

Currently to combat pain specialists use different treatments. The pain unit doctors are experts in the management of the most current drugs in the most effective combinations. In addition, they master a series of specific techniques for each pain such as nerve blocks , which, in many cases, help diagnose the cause of pain.

Among the most novel pain treatments are radiofrequency lesions, whether thermal or pulsed, epidural stimulation, subcutaneous stimulation and spinal drug infusions.. Also, psychologists use techniques such as biofeedback to help reduce the anxiety or depression associated with chronic pain .

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By Dr. Antonio Ojeda Niño
Pain Medicine

Anesthesiologist expert in interventional pain management. FIPP certificate (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) by the World Institute of Pain (WIP).

Associate professor of the University of Barcelona.

He currently works for the prestigious Institute Aliaga - Pain Clinic Teknon.

Author of numerous scientific papers, has also collaborated on several specialty books and award-winning.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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