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Written by: Dr. Manuel José De la Torre Gutiérrez
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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Recently, one of the most important advances in the treatment of diseases caused by the wear and tear of the spine has arrived in Spain.. It is a column stabilization system that allows to keep the patient's mobility. Together with the German neurosurgeon with whom he had previously implanted this system, Michael Pfeiffer, we started using this innovative system in Spain. In Europe we had already had the opportunity to use this state-of-the-art system in joint interventions and it has now been used successfully in two patients in our country.

column problems
The majority of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives 


The system

The system consists of titanium screws that are placed in the pedicles of the vertebrae and their particularity are plastic profile bars that are attached to these screws that allow flexibility and, therefore, mobility. This material and the pioneering technique that is used for its implantation allow to stabilize the corresponding section of the spine, to release it from part of its load, and to ensure a posterior mobility until now unknown.

This supposes a whole revolution since with the technique applied up to now, the section of affected column is rigidized in a permanent and irreversible way, the system that will be used from now in a habitual way allows an adequate stabilization but without completely canceling the mobility .

The benefits

In this way, important structures of the column apparatus are kept active in the system, but safe from overload peaks. Even the treated segment can practically recover its original function, without additionally overloading the boundary segments. Likewise, this intervention is very little invasive and conserves for a long time the own structures and would allow the option of a final definitive stiffening if necessary. A breakthrough for the treatment of diseases arising from the wear and tear of the spine.


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By Dr. Manuel José De la Torre Gutiérrez
Neurological Surgery

Dr. de la Torre Gutiérrez is a specialist in Neurosurgery and a recognized military doctor with numerous awards. He is the Head of the Neurosurgery Service of two centers in Madrid, besides being part of the medical service of the Royal Guard and being the Head of Health of the Intendance Group of the General Reserve. In 2013 he led the medical team in charge of intervening King Don Juan Carlos of his disc herniation in the column.

The Unit of Neurosurgery directed by Dr. Manuel J. de la Torre in the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex - Equipo de la Torre is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems and other pathologies. The TEAM DE LA TORRE service is the only one in Europe that has two O-arm intraoperative imaging systems with simultaneous operating capacity.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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