New techniques for breast augmentation

Written by: Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
Edited by: Top Doctors®

We are living a time of change in breast enlargement with the entry of new manufacturers and questioned some of the current technologies.

Breast augmentation with round prostheses remains the most common in Spain, although it is true that the anatomy has been gaining ground.


Breast augmentation: round or anatomical prosthesis?

Undoubtedly, breast augmentation with anatomic prosthesis is more complicated than one round prosthesis, the main reason that today are gaining in numbers round anatomical implants. It goes without saying that an anatomical implant will give us a more natural result in 90% of cases, and therefore, the key is to choose as long as they are properly managed.

Certainly, changes in the field ahead Plastic Surgery , and these will be present in the implants at both content and level of its envelope.


Advances in breast augmentation techniques

B-Lite manufacturer has chosen a totally different content to the existed, foam or meringue silicone implants will weigh 30% less. This content makes even more stable and less risk of breast implant rippling, although it is true that also makes the breast is somewhat less mobile.

Instead, the manufacturer Motiva included in the market in a few months a new breast implant as its surface is concerned, ie virtually flat anatomic implant (microtextured) with two fastening devices on the back face of the implants. This is based on this manufacturer has achieved as a housing or implant shell five times as required by the regulations.

Therefore, anyone who wants to perform breast augmentation in the future will have to decide whether to continue opting for the experience we have with the current or you prefer to bet on new technologies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte

By Dr. Rubén Fernández García-Guilarte
Plastic surgery

Dr. García-Guilarte is a leading plastic surgeon. Currently, he has a private practice dedicated especially to facial cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction surgery, offering patients the most innovative techniques to achieve greater effectiveness and safety, the most natural results. His career makes him a doctor of first level, as has also participated in numerous conferences and symposia worldwide. His teaching vocation also puts you as the author of various national and international publications, including the two major journals in his specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (Am) and Journal of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (Eu).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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