New techniques in dental implants

Written by: Dr. Jorge Calvo de Mora
Edited by: Top Doctors®

¿What's new in the world of dental implants


Now everyone knows what are dental implants, but each day maxillofacial surgeons try to give a little step more in our treatment. Today we are very fast and in favorable cases even tried to remove the tooth in the same surgical act, place the dental implant and whether the primary stability of the permitting, put a prosthesis in 24-48 hours. Immediate implant, immediate loading. Another breakthrough is the zygomatic implants. In cases where there is not even the maxillary bone to anchor the implants we long length in the zygomatic bone, the zygomatic bone. And the same process in 24-48 hours to get to have a fixed prosthesis screwed on freshly placed these new implants.

¿And in relation to the prosthesis then go over those implants


Also in the world of prostheses on implants we are in a revolutionary moment. On one hand every time we try to place the teeth, the dentures on implants before. Load immediately those newly placed implants. To do this we rely on the primary stability of the best it can be, by the conical beam scanner, and other techniques. And another step, once you are sure that these implants are well integrated, after a reasonable time of two or three months, we conducted a scanner and are able to make an alignment of the structures of the patient, a best fit and position these implants. No need to take action at any time in the patient's mouth without many appointments with us. We are able with this new technology and the latest generation software to make a fixed prosthesis screwed on those already integrated implants.

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Dr. Jorge Calvo de Mora

By Dr. Jorge Calvo de Mora
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr Jorge Calvo de Mora in their curriculum combines several rare qualities. In his professional training combines two different races ( Medicine and Dentistry ), finished with excellent grades ( Autonoma de Medicina de Madrid University with“Special Prize to Career&rdquo ;) and a Ph.D. also with"Honours cum laude" ;. To this we add two specialties obtained via MIR (oral-maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology-Cytology ). He completed his training in hospitals and universities from different countries such as USA, Mexico, Sweden and Belgium. This background gives it a very complete and special vision, always benefit of their patients. After a stint in public medicine has focused his professional efforts in his private clinic. Keeps your teaching as a professor in several Masters of specialization for Odontologos and research projects collaborating with basic science (use of stem cells in the maxillofacial area ) and high technology (use of tapered beam scanner in diagnosis and treatment with implants).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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