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Neuropsychology, assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive functions

Written by: Bettina Raquel Benbunan Bentata
Edited by: Top Doctors®

What is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is a discipline that studies the relationship between brain structures, cognitive functions ( attention , memory , language , visuospatial abilities, executive functions ...) and emotional and behavioral processes.


What functions does the Neuropsychologist have?

The work of the Neuropsychologist is to evaluate and rehabilitate people with impairment of any cognitive function. Cognitive deterioration is associated with multiple causes such as:

- Aging .

- Light cognitive impairment .

- Dementia ( Alzheimer's disease , dementia associated with Parkinson's disease , vascular dementia ...).

- Acquired brain damage ( head trauma , brain tumor and cerebrovascular diseases).

- Psychic disorders.


The work of the Neuropsychologist is to evaluate and rehabilitate people with impairment of any cognitive function


What is the neuropsychological evaluation?

The Neuropsychological Evaluation consists in carrying out an initial interview with the patient and his companion and in the subsequent application of tests to the patient. The main objectives of the evaluation are:

-Know the state of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and functional functioning.

-Contribute to the diagnosis of neurological pathologies that present cognitive and / or behavioral symptoms.

-Develop neuropsychological rehabilitation programs.

-Value the evolution over time.


What is cognitive rehabilitation?

Cognitive Rehabilitation consists in stimulating the cognitive functions of the patient that are affected and maintaining the preserved ones in order to achieve the activation of the different cerebral systems.

The scientific foundation that justifies Cognitive Rehabilitation is based on well-known biological phenomena such as Neuroplasticity. The ability of neurons to regenerate and establish new connections has been demonstrated.

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By Bettina Raquel Benbunan Bentata

Neuropsychologist with extensive experience. He is a specialist in Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation in Dementia and Acquired Brain Damage. She is currently the Head of the Memory Unit of the Neurological Sciences Unit, together with Dr. Casariego. He has also participated in various clinical trials and investigations in the field of cognition, dementia and brain damage.

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