Neuropathy ulnar or cubital canal syndrome

Written by: Dr. Luis Clavel Rojo
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Ulnar Neuropathy, cubital canal syndrome or ulnar compression syndrome is the second most common ulnar neuropathy in the arms, after Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Symptoms may involve pain in the anterior-medial elbow and forearm, but also tingling or low sensitivity. The main treatment should be conservative. If this does not work we resort to surgery.

Ulnar Neuropathy or cubital canal syndrome, also known as ulnar compression syndrome in the duct epitrocleo- olecraneano. It is the second most common ulnar neuropathy in the upper extremity after carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ulnar Neuropathy causes or cubital canal syndrome

Most cases the origin is unknown or idiopathic but there are many predisposing, such as working with the elbow flexed and supported (computer), elbow fractures, tumors, or metabolic disorders (diabetes, alcoholism, etc.) factors.


Elbow nerve function and symptoms

The nerve can be compressed into five points in its passage through the elbow, the triceps muscle (arcade of Struthers), the medial epicondyle, the Epitrochlear slide, cubital tunnel (Osborne ligament) and the flexor carpi ulnaris.

Patients present with pain in anterior-medial elbow and forearm. Other times onlyIt produces paresthesias (tingling) in the last two fingers. Hypoesthesia (low sensitivity) in the area of ​​ulnar distribution is related to repeated elbow movements. Symptoms improve by extending the elbow.


Ulnar Neuropathy diagnosis or cubital canal syndrome

Used to diagnose signs of positive Tinel elbow (pain crampy direct percussion on the nerve) and elbow flexion test: is to flex the elbow with wrist extension; if you play back pain it is positive. atrophy (more visible in severe cases) hypothenar muscles and interosseous muscle is also observed a loss of power to the abduction of the index (first dorsal interosseous) finger and little finger (abductor of little finger sign seen Wartenberg). Another diagnostic test is Froment sign (+): to catch paper between thumb and palm the distal interphalangeal joint of the thumb hiperflexiona, weakness of the muscles of the hand (1st finger adductor). a claw fourth and fifth fingers (in severe cases) and deep flexor muscle weakness fourth and fifth fingers and ulnaris is also given.Electromyography may be used to confirm the diagnosis and locate the level of injury.


Ulnar Neuropathy treatment or cubital canal syndrome

Conservative treatment should be performed by the expert Traumatology , if symptoms are mild. This consists of:- Identify the cause (bad habits) and change- Anti-inflammatory- Stretching exercises and nervous slip- Elbow pads softwoods- Night splints with the elbow extensionIf this treatment fails or symptoms have advanced surgical treatment, which involves nerve decompression is advised at all levels. It can be complemented with the transposition (change position) of the nerve under the muscle or fat, for greater protection of the nerve.

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Dr. Luis Clavel Rojo

By Dr. Luis Clavel Rojo
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Red Carnation is an acknowledged expert in traumatology of Murcia. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Murcia, specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery and is also Doctor of Medicine from the University of Murcia. He has also made several rotations in hospitals, in order to acquire the best specialization in traumatology. Thus, it has rotated Pathology Tumor Bone Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, Pediatric Orthopaedic Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona, ​​in Arthroscopic Surgery Hospital FREMAP Madrid or foot surgery and ankle at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York (USA). On the other hand, he is honorary professor collaborator of the relevant Faculty of Medicine of the University of Murcia and professor of Master of Anatomy of the same faculty. Currently holds Hospital La Vega de Murcia. He is the author of numerous articles on the specialty, of two books and several book chapters. He has attended numerous conferences and is the author of multiple communications.

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