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Written by: Dra. Neus Tomás
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Master in nutrition, beauty and anti-aging. Dr. Neus recognized Tomas has worked in prestigious medical centers and collaborates with Dr. Benito since the year 2006.

More than 20 years of exclusive dedication to Cosmetic Medicine, enabled him to accumulate a set of experiences and knowledge that has been passed as a trainer to other physicians and specialists within the Institute. The day to day, dealing directly with many patients, a close collaboration with frontline professionals, and the constant concern of continuous training, experience can offer the best treatments and the most innovative and effective technical advances that currently applied in the field of aesthetic medicine, nutrition and wellness, both nationally and internationally.


¿What is the key to success of your results


In our Institute harmony and naturalness are the basis for recommending any treatment. We study the cutaneous genetics, the current degree of aging and make a nutritional study and type of life. We seek solutions offering holistic beauty treatments planning. The combination of these will be key in obtaining the final success.

It is also essential to note that the entire medical team Javier Benito Institute performed in each of their areas, a single planning, in order to achieve annual maintenance of the results for the patient fulfills the objective desired first visits. Always looking for the naturalness and harmony of the face.


¿What is the most common treatment for rejuvenating Aesthetic Medicine


In our Institute we create and develop the Silhuette Soft Sutures. Innovative treatment with an immediate lifting effect. It is threads polylactic acid with anchors to help us mark a few lines of voltage, at first so mechanical, since the taut wire in the direction we want to give, and secondly a more physical or biological traction since that eventually will inducers of collagen synthesis, so we will have a completely natural traction. The place we can according to the need to tighten cheeks, mark cheekbone, jaw line, brow or neck. The sutures are absorbable. To put apply local anesthesia and it took about 30 minutes. The patient may reinstate your social life immediately.

This combined with other treatment, such as fillings with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, for example, will be secured victory when seeking a major rejuvenation.


¿, Recommends some other type of treatment


I recommend once a year, at a minimum, get a photorejuvenation treatment with pulsed light. This is a rejuvenation light, a modern system that removes pigmented spots ( sun, age&hellip ;.) and redness, as cuperosis or telangiectasias small, without flaking and crusting occurs, which can lead normal life by a factor of protection and a little makeup if required. The heat generated in the skin this treatment increases collagen synthesis and closes pores, so that the benefit is very evident. Improves color, appearance. We again have a clean and young skin. Another treatment that can improve skin quality is cocktails with small injections of vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, etc.. I usually combine it with peeling soft (vitamin C, ferulic, azelaic&hellip ;.) to remove dead cells from last layers of the epidermis without even cause an unpleasant flaking and not necessary. With this treatment we got to invigorate the skin, light and voltage. They are treatments that should whet. It's like taking oral vitamins Spring… whenever an improvement is obtained and has a preventive character.


¿, are the signs of facial aging more evident


The loss of volume and sagging. We found signs of aging such as loss of volume in the cheeks makes us look older and unhealthy, the corner of the mouth loses its original form and a descending lines are marked, called marionette lines, they age and are unsightly. The eye area is affected by dark circles or bags, begins the fall of the upper eyelid and periocular wrinkles also called“crow's feet” abound giving an appearance of tired and sad. A loss of definition of the mandibular line occurs and depressions appear on the chin giving aspect of heaviness. The groove formed between the nose and mouth deepens and encourages an aspect of fatigue. Frown lines are pronounced as if we were angry.

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By Dra. Neus Tomás
Aesthetic Medicine

He is a doctor with over 20 years experience dedicated exclusively and from centers of excellence, the Aesthetic Medicine. Has knowledge in recent anti-aging advances and is a recognized expert in nutrition.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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