Motivation and organization to a diet well

Written by: Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Published: | Updated: 06/11/2018
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

As in any activity we undertake in life, to get to fruition with a diet must have motivation and a good organization.

At the beginning of a consulting expert in endocrinology on diet to lose weight the question of why the consultation is done and why you want to carry out a diet to lose weight, but in a general way. Later, if the person carrying go wrong, then we will enter more fully into these matters, as discussed below.

In this sense, it is the patient list is made with the reasons which are leading to starting a diet to lose weight, which should support in which we give the endocrine experts regarding the main reasons why people come to the consultation to start a diet.


Reasons why you usually start a diet

There are certain reasons that make the patient go to the consultation Endocrinologist. That list usually includes:1) disease problems that worsen with excess weight:- High tension- Cholesterol and triglycerides- Osteoarthritis in spine or legs- Heart failure- Respiratory insufficiency- Varicose Veins

2) Prevention of health:- Prevention of overweight and general health- Healthy and digestible food, to feel good

3) Familial tendency to overweight

4) Aesthetics:- Local and general volume Figura- Use of ropa type and size- Tendency to cellulite

5) Risk to the circulatory system:Being overweight is one of the seven risk factors, along with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, physical inactivity and smoking

6) Physical exercise:- Losing weight to maintain the current exercise- Losing weight to start a new exercise

What helps the list of reasons to start diet in achieving

Given the reasons why you want to start the diet, the patient will be aware of your motivation and focus more easily on your goals. However, we also agree that a list of their difficulties is made ​​to carry out the diet, which will serve to go progressively correcting them .

The reasons for carrying diet often go losing strength over time. There is one very general that is not to lose weight, it is not working, albeit aware that the cause is that it does well. The fact motivates achieve goals and if not achieved the desired effect demotivating.

More personal situations that decrease the motivation consist, in women, to go down two dress sizes, and men to feel more agile.

It is important that besides motivation, let's talk about organization. It is necessary to carry out any activity if we want everything to go well.


What should include a good organization during a diet

To get a good organization during a weight loss diet is recommended:1) Take a method:- For the diet is not monotonous- To not go hungry- For good distribution of meals

2) Avoid temptations:- No eating out- Have home only foods allowed- Put on the table only what we eat- Use as far as possible, various small plates

3) Enjoy the food:- Eat slowly, because if we eat fast when we have satisfied we have eaten more.- Prepare menus and change them- Check frequently diet- Do not use diet to compensate unpleasantness

4) Find other pleasant sensations s, taking up hobbies or seeking new

5) Review of the difficulties, to go improving them and correcting, changing habits with hints and tips, and even with the possibility of coaching or psychologist:- Addiction meals- Addiction some types of food- Eating out- Travels- Working lunches- Lunch or dinner weekend- How to eat family or couple


Edited by Patricia Crespo Pujante

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Dr. de la Cruz Renovales is a recognized specialist Endrocrinología city of Valencia. It has an experience of over 40 years in the profession. After graduating in Medicine and Surgery he specialized in Endocrinology in 1978. Since then he has devoted himself mainly to private practice. Currently a member of the service Medinorte Clinical Endocrinology. It also has numerous courses, seminars and diplomas in various medical specialties. He is an expert in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, thyroid and several polycystic syndrome.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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