Moomy Makeover, surgery to recover from pregnancy

Written by: Dr. Jorge Planas
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Few things in life are more rewarding than giving birth to a baby. But this fantastic experience always brings a series of visible consequences for the mother's body. After pregnancy, the body undergoes important changes at the physical level. Therefore more and more women turn to their surgeon after giving birth in order to obtain help in recovering their figure. In the United States, the presence of the plastic surgeon in the operating room during childbirth is already common to begin preparing and controlling possible postpartum treatments.

The Moomy Makeover is a way of naming the medical-aesthetic treatment plan (cellulitis, flaccidity, lasertherapy), physical exercises, food care and aesthetic surgery more appropriate to perform after delivery.

There are factors such as genetics, lifestyle or physical constitution that are decisive, in addition to the medical-aesthetic and surgical treatments that can be carried out in each case: breast surgery, breast augmentation, breast augmentation or mastopexy, abdominal surgery and liposuction.


Physical alterations after pregnancy

Pregnancy often changes the size and / or texture of the breasts due to a redistribution of both their fat and their glandular tissue. If we add cutaneous flaccidity, it can translate into a "fallen" chest and sometimes empty in its upper pole (postgravídica atrophy). Also the muscles of the abdomen suffer great distension and even small hernias. And finally, alterations in body fat volume can cause overweight and cellulite.

For this reason, women try very early to recover as soon as possible before pregnancy and childbirth. It is a complicated time, of many physical changes, hormonal, emotional and due to the numerous factors involved, it is important a good personalized advice. For that Clínica Planas has a post-partum program that can guide you and help you in your recovery. They are basically treatments that are always applied in a personalized way depending on each patient.

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By Dr. Jorge Planas
Plastic surgery

Dr. Jorge Planas is a prestigious specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He has more than 30 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in numerous fields of specialty, clinics and institutions of national and international prestige. On the other hand, he develops an important research and dissemination work, being a regular speaker at congresses in the specialty. He also combines his assistance work with teaching in various Masters, Diplomas and Universities.

His medical excellence translates into the results of his surgeries and the different surgical instruments and techniques he has invented; that have made him worthy of various decorations, such as the Distinction of the Golden Cross of the Spanish Association of European Development in 2006 and the Distinction of the Gold Medal of the Forum Europe 2001 in 2013. He is currently Medical Director of the renowned Clinic Planas of Barcelona and Madrid.

His humanitarian work is focused on the NGO AMREF Spain (Princess of Asturias Award 2018), of which he is a founding member.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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