Godoy method, the revolution of lymphedema

Written by: Curro Millán
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According to specialists isioterapia F , 4% of the Spanish population suffers from lymphedema, ie, a condition that involves a fault or failure in the lymphatic system. However, much is unknown about the disease and the prescribed treatment for each patient.

lymphedema legs Thanks to the daily research of this disease there are methods that achieve the normalization of the member affected around 100%. Godoy is the case method, which has excellent results and applies a pioneer in the Fisiomédico Institute.

Curro Millan, Director General of the Institute Fisiomédico and direct disciple of the creators of the method: "This method is a revolution in a few days the patient manages to have almost completely normalized the affected limb, which is a significant improvement in quality of life those affected. "

Godoy method is the result of research that Dr. José María Pereira de Godoy and Dr. Maria Fátima Guerreiro made ​​during 15 years. This method brings new techniques and a new treatment system which is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.


What is the method Godoy?

  • Godoy method, which are key:
  • New approach to the manual lymph drainage
  • Passive exercise by mechanical devices
  • Neurological stimuli
  • Compression therapies
  • Miolinfocinéticas Activities
  • Nutrition education


Godoy recognition internationally Method

Godoy Method is a pioneering method of lymphatic drainage which has the scientific rigor required and has validation by the international scientific community. To do this, the researchers followed the three phases of scientific assessment: studies in vivo, in vitro and clinical.

Method Godoy results are published in journals of high impact international scientific level

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By Curro Millán
Physical therapy

Curro Millán is a renowned Physiotherapy professional, graduated from the European University of Madrid. He is an expert in advanced physiotherapy applied to women, breast physiotherapy , lymphedema and lipedema , among others.

He combines his care activity with his position as Vice President of the Spanish Association of Oncological Physiotherapy, and co-director of the Master of Oncology Physiotherapy at the Complutense University of Madrid.

He is currently the General Director of the Physiomedical Institute of Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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