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Written by: Dra. Nuria Escoda
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& iquest;What can we do to improve the appearance of our skin and get preventing and delaying the maximum the appearance of lesions and, when they occur, reduce or eliminate them to restore the appearance of firmness characteristic of healthy, youthful skin


¿What is Mesotherapy


The facial mesotherapy is a technique by which we apply directly into the skin the active ingredients that stimulate your need for regeneration. Helping the cell responsible for skin elasticity to keep working at full power.

¿How do we do


Fine needles are used painlessly as working with anesthetic cream, which allow to activate the cell called fibroblast with certain products. You can combine hyaluronic acid, vitamins or platelet-rich plasma according to the needs of each skin.

The younger skins are usually treated with gentle scrubs that regenerate and cleanse the impurities. Help much to standardize the skin tone and treating stains.

When skin is more mature you can add mesotherapy vitamins for the skin nourished, hydrated and keep having optimal performance. The function of vitamins is to nurture fibroblasts to enhance their performance. It is also possible to add hyaluronic acid and growth factors after. Mesotherapy sessions may be combined with stronger so that the treatment effect is even greater peelings.

¿How Mesotherapy works


Mesotherapy works by two assets: first, the small puncture that exercise with the needle and causes fibroblast call that every time we cut the skin on or suffers some damage even if it is small. The fibroblast, once active, with the help of vitamins, hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma as the case, gets to work with renewed vigor and its full potential. The jab is a call to the fibroblast, the other elements would be your speaker. Especially strong is the call when using the platelet-rich plasma.

¿mesotherapy To help our skin


As we mentioned earlier, the fibroblast collagen manufacturing works hard to adulthood. This cell is activated when required to repair cuts or injuries. It is this mechanism repair the active mesotherapy and helps regenerate the skin layer in which are fibroblasts causing them to turn to make fair collagen in the skin area where we need it.

¿, As we get this effect?

The little prick of the needle triggers a call to the fibroblast to produce collagen and close the injury we have caused microscopic. This repair mechanism can amplify what if, simultaneously, we injected various products that will make this work more and better fibroblast.

To increase this response we can inject hyaluronic acid or vitamins with platelet rich plasma. PRP

¿, as these products get the job maximize fibroblast


The vitamins are one of the most potent antioxidants to the body. Applying directly into the skin promotes the regeneration of tissues, in this case of the dermis, the deep layer of the skin, which is our objective cell. The effect is to get glowing skin and radiant. Vitamins together with the injected hyaluronic acid: the most powerful skin moisturizer. Is able to retain water and maintain it within the skin. The effect of hyaluronic into the skin, administered in small drops, deeply moisturizes.

The Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that harnesses the regenerative power of the growth factors on the surface of platelets. It involves the removal of some blood for subsequent separation of blood platelets by centrifugation. Then by mesotherapy, injecting become activated platelets, which are those with growth factors in our body promoting regeneration more actively. Growth factors called the fibroblast platelets, causing the creation of new collagen. Mesotherapy using, we can inject these growth factors so that enhance the activation of the fibroblasts and the amount of synthesized collagen is greater. Having the skin cared for food, vitamins and peels the fibroblast submit a maximum turgor performance and smoothness.

There is also another mechanism of activation: the homeopathy with it, we can turn smoothly skins, especially the youngest.

You can combine all the techniques to achieve optimal results. Depending on the needs of each person a technique or combination of several was used, setting a timetable for the various sessions that will always be customized.

In cases where the skin aging is more pronounced and the skin has many small wrinkles on their surface, higher density hyaluronic acid in each of the lines and repeatedly injected. This ensures also correcting deeper wrinkles in several sessions.

Aging Skin

Until about 20 years, the cells that synthesize the collagen, called fibroblasts, do not stop working regenerating our tissues: collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc.. As we get older fibroblasts lose power and stop working, leaving our skin to regenerate and that's when both ages, it loses light, wrinkles appear, etc.. It is, at this time, when this cell production finishes its work to engage in repair.

Over time, these collagen molecules are deteriorating due to several factors such as the capacity and / or genetic quality of collagen, stress, feeding and especially the sun deteriorate the quality of this collagen resulting in the skin progressive loss of elasticity which is manifested in increased wrinkles and sagging throughout the body, especially in photo- exposed areas like the face, chest, hands and legs are the areas punished more skin.

Also affected is the coloration of the skin by the melanocyte: the cell that produces melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin. The affectation makes melanocyte pigmentation irregularly believed by the cutaneous surface areas resulting in more melanin which manifest as spots. It may also happen that there are areas in which the pigmentation disappears manifesting in the form of small white areas without pigmentation. Either disorders melanin causes irregularities in skin tone and loss of uniformity.

We find therefore that as we age, our entire body reflects the passage of time but of all our organs where it is most visible is the skin.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Nuria Escoda
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Núria Escoda has more than 25 years of experience in aesthetic medicine and nutrition. Currently, he directs the Dra. Escoda Aesthetic Medicine Center in Barcelona. He has a broad curriculum and frequently attends courses and congresses, which allows him to keep up to date with the latest advances in treatments and technologies. In addition, he has patented the 'Revitalist' rejuvenation program: medical-aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the face without the need for surgery, with the help of hyaluronic acid or botox. His team is formed by specialized clinical assistants and nutritionists. One of the peculiarities of the center is the quality of the service and the personalized treatment it offers its clients.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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