Mesotherapy, effective against cellulite

Written by: Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Mesotherapy helps to achieve reduced size and volume after about 8-12 sessions.

What is Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy involves local application of small injections of drugs in order to treat problems such as:

- cellulitis- Flab- alopecia- Wrinkles- Osteoarthritis in knees- Back spasms- varicose veins


What is cellulite

As experts say in Aesthetic Medicine , cellulite or localized lipodystrophy is not an exclusively aesthetic problem, but a real subcutaneous connective tissue disease due to a malfunction of the cell drainage.The connective tissue supplied by blood and lymphatic vessels, regulates the disposal of waste products and plays a key role in the processes of defensebody. The accumulation of toxins in a modification of the composition and structure of this tissue and, therefore, the formation of cellulite.


Does mesotherapy used to lose weight?

Yes, because progressively clearing the connective tissue that reduces its thickness, we find ourselves with decreasing size and weight. The diagnosis is very important because sometimes we find a type of fat deposits that has nothing to do with the problem of cellulite.So to make the correct and effective treatment is essential to make a good medical history, laboratory tests, a thorough examination, taking proper measures and anthropometric (see abdominal fat level, overall fat percentage of liquids, etc.)The body parts that can model with mesotherapy are:- Legs- abdomen- back- arms- dewlap

The effect started to notice after the second session of mesotherapy. We note as a very insidious at first, with the sum of the sessions, will translate into a reduction in volume and size. The number of sessions to get the desired effect is 8-12.


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Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud

By Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Channels Calatayud is a doctor, an expert in aesthetic medicine treatments. Today it operates in the aesthetic clinic that gives its name, offering beauty treatments last genración patients. As a professional, committed to the less invasive and more in harmony with the patient's physiology medical treatments. Among his specialties is the natural medicine and homeopathy, which makes it a doctor concerned about the welfare of their patients for aesthetic treatments. Thus, Carmen Canales Clinic becomes a beauty center committed to providing the best beauty treatments, the most natural and beneficial for the patient way.

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