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¿What is Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy is a medical technique that involves introducing substances through the skin that we use for medical indications as revitalizing or reduce fat.

¿What are the differences between Mesotherapy facial and body


The technique is basically the same. A facial work more nutrition level, introducing substances with vitamins, trace elements, nucleotides and especially lately worked a lot with hyaluronic acid gives moisturizing and light. And at body level, the reduction in work areas where there are clusters with lipolytic fatty substances normally work with cocktails omeopatia. Then also in cases of cellulite work at the level of microcirculation, improve texture and obviously get a volume reduction.

¿Since treatment is performed


The treatment is performed manually and with the aid of a syringe and that just 2mm microneedles penetrate the skin and leave the substance in the area that has to make the effect. Lately we aparatologia that helps us and that has greatly improved the outcome, since the virtual mesotherapy where no needle needed and currents that make penetrating substances to pistols with a number of shots per cm2 very high which produces a stimulation that are used helps us a lot to improve the result.

¿That number of sessions are required for treatment


A facial level we follow a protocol to perform 3 consecutive sessions enough, allowing 15-20 days between sessions and then maintenance every month or month and a half, plus you can always make a loose session when we want to have a flash of light and resuscitative- eg for a wedding or an event. A body level is a slightly longer protocol and are weekly sessions, where we use mesotherapy omeopatico type always combined it may otherwise draining aparatologia, reductive and if necessary supported on a diet, provided you have medical indication for what we do.

¿How long does the treatment


To obtain this level facial flash effect at 2 or 3 days after performing mesotherapy and then takes about 20 days or so, depending on each case, and for this reason it is necessary to go by the monthly reminder or month and a half. A body level are treatments that are geared more towards summer face to improve cellulite and localized fat reduction, which will reduce volume, will improve the microcirculation and the maximum will reduce cellulite. After obtaining the effect we can make a monthly maintenance injections to maintain the reducing effect.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Neus de Miguel

By Dra. Neus de Miguel
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr.. Michael is an expert in Aesthetic Medicine with over 25 years experience in the specialty. He works as a professor at the Spanish School of Medicine Aesthetics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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