Improve with age in the most natural way

Written by: Dra. María José Villares Moreno
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Follow the consultation of Aesthetic Medicine Unit Corachán Clinic for over 20 years has been a great challenge, a dream and a job I'm doing more and more illusion. As in all aspects of life, everything has evolved and today, thanks to advances in new techniques of cosmetic medicine, whenever we can get more rewarding results. Especially as far as facial rejuvenation refers. Currently, the focus of the treatment is to act at different levels. This is the four R, namely:

Relax: attenuating wrinkles with botulinum toxin.

Reset: it comes to tighten sagging skin, offsetting bone loss, fat and collagen of the tissues that form the support structure of the face. Here comes in the latest generation of collagen inducers: wire tensioning, polycaprolactone, polylactic acid and hydroxyapatite. This level is in itself the most important since it is the basis of aesthetic improvement.

Fill: resorbable, biocompatible and safe materials such as cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Revitalize: via cell stimulation of the epidermis by microinjections with vitamins, amino acids, without forgetting the peelings.

The custom combination for each patient (depending on age, skin condition and personality) of the four R gets a bright and radiant result.

The other day I entered the office, for the first time, a middle-aged woman who had undergone countless treatments in several centers in Barcelona and was still unhappy. She did not like and increasingly looked worse. He is looking for help, but his attitude as disenchanted gathered that there was no choice but to help her psychologically. I told him that our power alone would not give happiness and each had to mature and learn to love more with the passage of time. In the end, it comes to be clear about the importance of knowing improve over the years, not only physically but mentally.

The treatments and results must always go according to age. To achieve this, we must learn to take the physiological changes of the natural process of aging itself to do so with dignity, health and elegance.

I'm more in favor of rejuvenating a face to improve it (take a good look expensive) than to change (change the main features of a face).

I understand that improve with age in the most natural way is what we all want in the most balanced way possible. And that's how I like to apply it to my patients.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. María José Villares Moreno
Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Moreno Villares is a renowned specialist in Aesthetic Medicine who has over 20 years of experience. Currently, and for more than 20 years, she is practicing in Aesthetic Medicine Unit Dr.. Villares in Corachán Clinic. In addition, a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition at the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona and Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has made more than 35 different themed courses Aesthetic Medicine and has attended more than 30 conferences and thematic conferences aesthetics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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