Clinics: Queen of the specialties

Written by: Dr. Xavier Xercavins Comas
Edited by: Top Doctors®

We speak with Dr. Xercavins, one of the best "specialists" in general medicine.

Dr. Xercavins, do you think that general medicine can be compared to a specialty?

It is not only a specialty, but it is the queen of the specialties, since it covers all. But now almost only talk about supra-specialties. And within general medicine I also have mine, that of being a family doctor.

We know that you are also an expert in another highly technological specialty: biomolecular medicine. But is so much technology compatible with being a classic bedside physician?

Be what you say: a "classic bedside physician" does not mean doing without the highest biotechnology. In fact, we use it in our consultation at the highest level, as one of the new tools that the general practitioner has to handle. Some patient has told me something like that, like I'm a "techno head doctor". Well, this should not be an obstacle to practicing a traditional general medicine, but quite the opposite.

And how is that tradition combined with high technology?

With a small virtue: the vocation. Only with her can you find the time to visit a chronic patient at home and have a coffee with him and his family. Or to attend in a quiet way to someone who may be more distressed than sick. The secret of all this will be never look at the clock or feel the need to do so. And as regards technology, it is also part of a vocation and a desire to be at the highest level to benefit the patient. But I can not deny that there is a little bit of personal pride to be at that higher level. For all this it is also essential to work with the best team of professionals.

We usually associate general medicine with traditional methods of study, such as books.

How glad I am to mention the books. Now it seems that there should only be the study with computers. Of course, through the internet we are able to keep up to date and communicate with medical centers around the world. But the pleasure of reviewing complete subjects with a good volume of medicine, is something incomparable. And all this is compatible with the most advanced medical technology and biotechnology. You can perfectly attend to the patient in the "head" plan, dedicating all the time, discussing details of your case with him or his relatives etc., and then practice in the consultation a check with a Spectral Doppler next generation. Or ask him for a genetic study, a determination of his superoxide dismutase or control the oxidation of his DNA with the 8 O HDG (it is a simple analysis).

But with so much biotechnology, where has the naturopathic medicine that you practiced been?

Well, it has been in a very first place. We use it in more than 50% of cases. It turns out that in many cases biotechnology has given us back to natural medicine. Our genes and our biomolecular markers in general do not want to know anything with chemistry. I give you one example: if I find that a patient has the polymorphic Paraoxonase gene, which indicates that their LDL cholesterol will be more aggressive, and may cause more arteriosclerosis, I can improve the expression of that gene, using Tocopherol or Acid Ellagic that are in different foods. I will advise you the most suitable ones or I will give you some supplements ... and thanks to a biomolecular information, I will give you natural products. So biotechnology has rediscovered and given scientific bases to naturopathic medicine.

And with this new naturopathic medicine based on the scientific data of biomedical medicine, can we overcome allopathic or conventional medicine?

It is not about overcoming but complementing. We in our daily work are not doing biomolecular studies to all the patients we serve. If a patient comes with an acute bronchitis, a gastroenteritis or a headache etc., we will not do those studies but we will look to heal it most effectively in a conventional way, perhaps using natural products, but without prior molecular study.

What patients, then, propose biotechnological studies?

This is a topic that we have well structured, we propose our revisions or checks periodically, according to the age and circumstances. And molecular, genetic studies, etc.. when there are chronic processes, without clear diagnosis or with torpid evolution. Whether these processes are organic or physical, or psychological.

Can healthy people also benefit from these studies, and up to what age?

We propose these studies not only in the mentioned cases, but also to the healthy ones and even to the very healthy ones to help them maintain and increase that health. For this we have developed a study called "Plan Ómnium Salud", which covers most of those tests and which are initially done only once in a lifetime. This study will provide us with a wealth of hidden data, all of which can be improved almost always with Natural Medicine, and which, as Family Physicians, we will always use more, for the benefit of that patient, since they will have left us a permanent information. We will simply continue practicing our traditional general medicine, but with new permanent information, until now hidden. Regarding age ... Never in our practice have I used this parameter. Except logically in the terminal stage. We always seek the maximum benefit in health, whether the patient is young or very old. I have never thought that by having an elderly patient, we should not do everything for him ... As for a young man. It is precisely in the venerable years of life when the patient has every right to improve. And so, for this stage of life, the doctor's mission becomes a sacred mission.

It is clear that the most advanced medical technology can go hand in hand with the practice of a classical general medicine.

I already told him the secret: a lot of vocation and a little spark of personal pride ... And to give him many hours. Work every day and also some nights ... And some others ... daydreams with our patients.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Xavier Xercavins Comas
Internal Medicine

Dr. Xercavins Comas is a specialist in General Medicine . He is an expert in Internal and Integrative Medicine and in Preventive Medicine with extensive professional experience. He has areas of special dedication in Orthomolecular Medicine and Antiaging Medicine . He also uses Natural Medicine with a scientific basis often based on predictive genetic studies. As a specialist in this field, it has more than 250 thousand queries made. His areas of maximum dedication are cardiovascular risk factors , including his medical check-ups . Chronic diseases and integrative support for rare and complex diseases. Chronic pathologies of the digestive system such as the so-called irritable colon. Diseases difficult to solve such as chronic fatigue etc. The treatment of overweight and obesity , especially abdominal obesity, due to the multiple risks associated with it, is one of their preferences. The entire team at your Medical Center is dedicated to this topic. Dr. José Mª Diéguez, collaborator at the Center for more than 20 years is the expert in these therapies that include personalized nutrition and advanced biophysical therapies that have been practiced for a few years, specially designed for abdominal fat. Both for these therapies and for their checkups they have and use the most advanced devices. There is only one small device that is almost not used in this Medical Center, the clock. And they really do not look at the time they dedicate to their patients or the hours of work or study, congresses etc. Both Dr Xercavins and Dr Diéguez and other collaborators usually say that everything is based on a great vocation and love for what they do.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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