Mastoplasty reduction: the breast reduction operation

Written by: Dra. Encarna Carreño Hernández
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a technique of Plastic Surgery intended to reduce breast size by removing fat, glandular tissue and skin, making them smaller and firmer.


Types of breast reduction operation

The aim is to achieve more harmonic breasts and proportionate to the rest of the body, but mostly natural.

There are different techniques for breast reduction:

  • periareolar
  • Vertical or short - scar
  • Inverted T


When you need a breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty

This surgery is indicated for patients who have excessive size of your chest. The goal of surgery is to get a size proportional to the body of the patient and redevelop, and is achieved alleviate the problems associated with this excess weight in the breasts, such as back pain, neck and shoulders; psychological disorders and difficulty in social relationships and even labor.

Excessive breast volume can occur during puberty, after pregnancy or significant weight gain.

It is recommended not to undergo breast reduction until the chest is not fully developed when the patient is breast-feeding or if the patient is not prepared psychologically.

After surgery, these patients usually have a very high level of satisfaction.


What is the reduction mastoplasty

Each case must be individualized, and between the surgeon and the patient choose the most convenient technique or procedure with minimal discomfort to the patient.

On the first visit, the patient has to explain their expectations for the operation and its results.

The plastic surgeon will evaluate the size and shape of the breasts, and the firmness of the skin and overall health. It is important that the patient is a smoker report on whether, if you take any medication, if you have had children, breastfeeding or wants to become pregnant.


Risks of breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty

Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure whenever performed by a qualified plastic surgeon and is made within a suitable means.

There are risks associated with any surgery such as bleeding, hematoma, scarring or infection problems and other specific reduction such as scars, changes in the sensitivity of the areola or difficulty breastfeeding.

In short, among women not satisfied by the operation, the main concern is the possible presence of scars and breast asymmetries.


Mastoplasty and postoperative care after breast reduction

During the immediate postoperative discomfort is easily controlled with medication. Thus, the patient will require more anti-inflammatory and antibiotic treatment analgesia. hematomas may occur but disappear soon.

Relative rest is recommended for seven to ten days, avoiding sudden movements of arms and return to work can be made in a few days, depending on the activity performed. Among the seven twenty-one days after surgery, the stitches are removed, and the patient should take a specific bra for a month.

mastoplasty reduction


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By Dra. Encarna Carreño Hernández
Plastic surgery

Renowned specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dra. Carreño Hernandez is part of the medical team Perpetuo Socorro Clinic, the Avantmèdic center and Dr. Herrero Jover team at Teknon Medical Center. He has trained in laser technology and microsurgical techniques. Besides having numerous publications, she has attended various courses both nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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