Permanent makeup or micropigmentacion

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Permanent makeup is a possible option to be flawless whatever the time of day. A makeup that will not run, and will not be made ​​up even allows you recently lifted.

¿What is permanent makeup


Permanent makeup or micro-implant micropigmentacion is a pigment that is done in the most superficial part of the skin epidermis- and can be applied in different parts of the body such as the eyebrows, the edge of the lips or eyes. Thus Micropigmentacion called the introduction of pigment granules of different shades in the dermal tissue with the help of very fine agujillas that connect to a dermography. The dermography is an electronic device that produces fro movements that get deposited pigment in the epidermis.

Two types of perm makeup anent

There are two types of Permanent make-up that is permanent makeup and cosmetic corrective type. The cosmetic makeup is to beautify function. Among these we can include the delineation of eyebrows, upper and lower lip and eye delineation. Permanent makeup for corrective purposes is suitable for all those who have been injured and as a result have lost eyebrows or lips suffer deformations. Also is indicated to cover scars and pigmentation of areolae that have been blurred by some operation. So permanent makeup pigment is implanted into the skin at a depth of about 0Ž07mm. In this case the color is removable and can eliminarse- lasts on average of 5-7 years.

¿, as is done


At first the expert marks the path to follow. Then, enter the pigments millimeter by millimeter needle. It is necessary that as the implantation of pigment is made, the specialist clean the excess with damp cotton swab in order to disinfect and to have a clear image of the path to follow. The apparatus used in Micropigmentacion consists of a motor, in which the needles, which transmits swinging movements are inserted. This movement allows the product to go gradually evolving and thus can accumulate in the epidermis. Needles usually have a diameter ranging from 0.25 to 1.75 mm depending on the type of device.

There are also different models of heads depending on the model used. During the process it is important that the skin is very tight to prevent pinching occurring with needles. The angle of access to skin is SUITABLE 90º it enables a well-defined path. Of great importance is also the needles and container are disposable for the pigment to thereby prevent the spread of disease such as AIDS or hepatitis. The layout can vary in intensity depending on the number of needles used. For a finer marked fewest needles
MUST be used while for more intense results greater number of points you need.
Duration of Micropigmentacion

The method of Micropigmentacion is a permanent procedure that is, if we do not like the way can not be removed but if modified. Therefore we refer to a method of makeup based on the implantation of pigments in the skin that are permanent but in no case definitive. So, over time these pigments are losing color while its intensity is attenuated. It depends largely on the kind of life of the person who is subjected to this process the length of it and that factors such as prolonged exposure to the sun can change the color and intensity of the paths.

Phases Micropigmentacion

First phase After the realization of treatment an inflammation that is caused by repeated needle penetration occurs.. In this phase, an increase in vascular permeability and serous exudate develops. In turn, an increase of leukocytes and macrophages can be observed free pigment particles of both the epidermis and dermis occur.

Second phase. At this stage the process of healing itself produces and surface crust formation. During this training, the color darkens. This is just a misleading appreciation disappears once the scab falls. This process takes about four or five days.

Third stage. At this time the renewal of the epidermis and the recovery of collagen, an essential component occurs for the skin to maintain its elasticity. In turn, the pigments are redistributed so that those who had been placed in the most superficial layers disappear cell renewal. This results in a decrease in the color tone so visible a more natural results. This phase occurs after 10 days of intervention.

. Fourth phase At this stage the total repair of the epidermis occurs. The pigment particles are distributed among the particles around collagen and capillaries in the dermis. Turn, is even more nuanced color as close to the hair bulbs granules were quickly eliminated due to sebaceous secretion.

Pigment Types

The pigments are introduced into the Micropigmentacion can be of two types:. Organic and inorganic

Organic Pigments. Are those whose basic element carbon. They are usually less desirable than inorganic pigments because they have a higher incidence of allergic reactions. Besides, being formed by particles of different sizes can be a risk of migration.

. inorganic pigments These pigments have as a fundamental component of Iron Oxide. The possibility of allergies such pigments is practically nil. Moreover permanent makeup done on this product offers greater fixation and guarantees a loss of color more evenly.

Pain and anesthesia

The procedure is not painful but in certain cases depending on the patient and anesthesia is required. This anesthesia can be administered as a gel through the application of Lidocaine 4% - or through an injection applied in the area to work. Lidocaine produces only a slight numbness of the skin within 15 minutes of its application. Once complete, the skin should be treated with antiseptic to prevent any kind of infection. Before the operation it is advisable to limit alcohol, aspirin, anticoagulant medications, vitamin E, garlic or herbs in order to prevent further bleeding as these substances thin the blood.

Please note

It is very important when deciding on the choice of Micropigmentacion a good run and a specialist who is familiar with this technique. The procedure is relatively safe but there are risks of infection and contamination if the instruments used are not properly disinfected. You should always choose an experienced specialist, a dermatologist or an esthetician who are knowledgeable and have practiced in the process of permanent makeup. It is important to require that the needles are not expired and no doubt that these are disposable. The intervention must be carried out with surgical gloves and having made prior allergy testing. This test is performed using a red pigment as this is the color that produces the most notable allergic reaction if it exists. After a period of 5 years on the Micropigmentacion loses its color so it is necessary to apply a color restoration. Once the color is paler then it's time to do the retouching. Before starting the procedure draws the outline specialist to deal with a semi- permanent marker. If the result is not the desired specialist may perform a lifting pigment. This only can be used in small areas and consists of a solution mixture of salt / salt applied to lift the product. In the event that the treatment area is bigger a more extensive treatment is needed as the laser. In that case you should contact a dermatologist. In the tattooed area to increase an additional makeup permanent makeup may be applied. Nor is there any contraindication in combination with the Micropigmentacion cosmetic surgery. However, the most common surgery is done before permanent makeup so that the latter can correct any imperfection after the intervention.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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