Sunspots: how to prevent and treat

Written by: Dra. Almudena Nuño González
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo


When the first sunspots appear?

Sunspots appear usually after 30 years due to exposure to the sun So will appear on areas of sun-exposed body. In the face, the arms, the neck, legs ... There different types of sunspots, are the solar lentigines, melasma, which is a more diffuse pigmentation. To give a correct diagnosis should go to the dermatologist, who will say what the exact diagnosis and more precise treatment.

How can we prevent them ?

The best prevention of sunspots is to use sunscreen. A sunscreen factor from 50 to renew it periodically because eventually become less effective. Other ways to protect us from the sun is get in the shade, use a hat, sunglasses and avoid the hours of sun exposure, 12 to 16, which are the most radiation.


What are the treatments to eliminate them ?

The stain treatment will depend on the diagnosis. For example, for solar lentigines, spots that are displayed by the sun, we have the IPL that you normally use when lesions are more diffuse and scattered, and we have the Q-Switch laser that we use for isolated lesions. For melasma, which is diffuse pigmentation that normally use peelings, but the right thing is go to the dermatologist who is the one who will give the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment for each case.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

All treatments for stains have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the IPL or pulsed light is going to be a treatment that treat us widely throughout the area, producing a rejuvenation of the skin, removing stains, even small cups that appear or telangeptasias, those blood vessels that appear on the face. On the downside, a little annoying but tolerable, and some scabs appear 7-10 days to resolve. The Q-Switch laser is more focused on each of the spots, we will also produce a crust that disappears within 7-10 days. Peelings will sting a little to them and then shows a peeled a scaling of the skin that disappears a week or two weeks and, of course, they all have to do then adequate sunscreen to avoid again those unwanted spots appear

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Almudena Nuño González

Dr. Nuño is an outstanding expert in Dermatology with extensive experience and dedication to the aesthetic treatments of the skin. She is part of the team of dermatologist specialists from different centers, and is an honorary collaborator as a professor of Dermatology at the Rey Juan Carlos University. He has published articles in national and international impact journals; She is the author of book chapters and has given Dermatology conferences. He is a member of different organizations.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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