Breast augmentation: what it is and why it matters

Written by: Dr. Antonio Díaz Gutiérrez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Many women undergo breast augmentation. Today, the techniques are much safer and more rewarding results as breast augmentation affects not only the physical but also the psychological satisfaction of the patient.


What is a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast augmentation is one intervention to achieve an improvement in the volume and shape of the female breast.

Thanks to the high level in the biotechnological development of the implants used, this intervention achieved with high reliability and durability, and satisfactory results very gratifying. Thus women can restore harmony and balance in your figure, increasing the volume and changing the shape of his chest, while maintaining a form, touch and natural appearance.


Aesthetic and psychological importance of breast augmentation

bra Any aesthetic intervention stems from a concern for improving the appearance that undoubtedly affects the emotional health of the patient. Generally, women who consult for increased aesthetic chest fall into two groups:

  • Younger patients who want to increase their volume
  • Women after pregnancy and lactation, have suffered a loss of breast volume and a drop of it.

Besides these cases, there are two others where breast augmentation is a real impact on the health and welfare of the patient:

  • Tuberous breast syndrome and other developmental malformations of the breast, whose frequency is estimated to affect between 10 and 20% of patients who consult for chest increased.
  • In cases where the breast reconstruction procedure prosthesis or expander-prosthesis is used to rebuild the breast mastectomizado, being usually necessary symmetrization of both breasts. Adding an implant in the healthy breast looking symmetrize the shape and projection in the short, medium and long term with respect to the patient chest.


Is it always necessary to use to increase breast prosthesis or the possibility of using different options for breast implants?

According to specialists in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery , breast implants are safer and more predictable in the current options for breast augmentation procedure results. In cases where the woman supports a discrete or limited in volume results, and reporting that probably will require more of an intervention in its volume increase can be assessed using fat from your own body by the technique of lipofilling. Fat, to date, serves more as a supplement in augmentation surgery, mastopexy, replacement or explantation of the prosthesis, which as the only technique for the patient to get a breast augmentation. Keep in mind that between 30 and 40% of the fat is reabsorbed, so it may be necessary, after about six months, a second session of lipofilling. It should also be noted that the injection of autologous fat itself will increase the volume of the breast but in any case modify the shape and position thereof, which is only possible with the prosthesis.

Neither they can be made with hyaluronic acid, as publicized by aesthetic doctors a few years ago in breast augmentation, as it was banned by the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) in 2012, and made it difficult to radiological detection of breast cancer and monitoring.

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By Dr. Antonio Díaz Gutiérrez
Plastic surgery

Dr. Antonio Diaz Gutierrez is a leader in Spain in the specialty of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with over 15 years experience. Recognized expert in breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reconstruction after breast cancer) and reconstructive surgery, demanding specialties that require professional expertise. As a plastic surgeon sued, combines his work in New Bethlehem Hospital Madrid (Arturo Soria), Montepríncipe and Torrelodones, with its welfare work in the Doce de Octubre Hospital.

He is often invited to high-level talks besides being Member of Private Health SECPRE from which promotes and participates in European initiatives in order to improve quality and patient safety.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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