Tuberous breast:how to treat it?

Written by: Dr. Emilio Cabrera Sánchez
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What are tuberous breasts? A tuberous or tubular breast is a breast malformation that can affect one or both of the woman's breasts. It is characterized because the breast tissue does not develop properly in the lower portion of the breast and by the narrowing of the breast groove that may even be non-existent. Although no known cause has been identified but is a malformation that psychologically affects the patient who suffers.


Diagnosis of tuberous breast

Before performing a breast surgery, it is important to correctly diagnose this malformation. How to Identify a Tuberous Breast is Really Important. If for some reason this deformity went unnoticed in the exams and previous checks, the result of the surgery would be inadequate in all cases.

Symptoms characteristic of a tuberous breast. It is important to identify this problem beforePerform a surgical procedure.

When talking about tubular breast problems, one of the following symptoms , which are important for diagnosing and identifying the breast problem, is usually noted. 

  • Insufficient development of breast tissue at the lower pole. 
  • Narrowing of the submammary sulcus. 
  • Tubular form ("remembers a tuber") of the breast.


Operation of the tuberous breast

In order to correctly treat the tuberous breast, it is necessary to know the proportions of the ideal breast from the aesthetic point of view, as well as to specifically treat the "morphological problems" of this breast deformity. Therefore, prior to breast surgery, one should plan or devise the one that would a priori be the end result.

Before beginning the reconstruction of a tuberous breast it is necessary to treat the problemsMorphological 


  • Before specifically rebuilding the submammary sulcus , lowering it and repositioning it, so that the lower quadrants can be filled, which in this type of breast are always deficient. 
  • Then, a correct treatment of the mammary gland must be made by making sections of it so that it "expands" once the implant is placed. 
  • In tuberosal breasts, the use of anatomical implants. The subpectoral location is used, releasing it completely from the submammary sulcus and the mammary gland (dual plane II-III). 

Finally, all the stigmas of the tubular form of the areola-nipple complex will have to be erased.

The result of the mammary reconstruction is used the subpectoral location,Releasing it completely from the submammary sulcus and mammary gland 


Before and after reconstruction of a tuberous breast

The objectives of reconstructive surgery of a tuberous breast are as follows:

  • Remove the conical shape of the breast from being more rounded 
  • Provide additional volume to areas of the chest that lack it 
  • Correct or reduce the appearance of the areola

When giving volume to the breast, you can use breast implants or fat grafts from the patient herself. If the breasts are asymmetrical, prostheses of various sizes or different transfers of the fat will be used to obtain the desired symmetry.

Postoperative recovery is simple and pleasant,

Before and after a tubal mammary intervention 

For more information consult with a specialist in Plastic Surgery .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Emilio Cabrera Sánchez
Plastic surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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