Dental malocclusion and orthodontic solution

Written by: Dr. David González Zamora
Edited by: Top Doctors®

La maloclusión dental es una patología que puede desencadenar migrañas. Knows the causes and treatment of the following article "height =" 201 " data-cke-saved-src =" src =" / files / Image / large / 557ab822-efe4-4189-91ba-3c590a81047f.jpg "style =" float:. Left "width =" 302 "/> The <strong>dental malocclusion</strong> is an alteration of gear teeth caused by the dislocation of these or because the maxilla and mandible not coordinate position and size. Only 5% of the population does not have dental malocclusion. We can distinguish between different types of dental malocclusion: </p><ol><li> Class I. There are only crowding. </li><li> Class II. The teeth of the maxilla are more advanced relative to the teeth of the jaw. </li><li> Class III. The jaw teeth are more advanced compared to the maxilla. </li><li> Other malocclusions. Crossbite, open and vertical overbite are transvertales and occlusion problems. </li></ol><p> </p><p> <strong style=Causes

Malocclusion may have different origins, which we will see below are the most important:

  1. Genetic. Against this source we can not do anything.
  2. Eating habits. When meals are soft teeth do not wear out as they should, which causes the teeth are not in the huddle and bone dislodged.
  3. If teeth are extracted prematurely and not put space maintainers.
  4. If a child has cavities small, it loses space and permanent teeth have no room to exit.


Consequences and treatment

The problems arising from the malocusión can range from headaches or migraines to arthritis, muscle pains or wear and breakage of teeth. The fact that the teeth are crowded too difficult to have a proper hygiene, favoring the emergence of more caries.

The only way to treat it is through orthodontics, in addition to correcting the position of teeth with an aesthetic end, gets the teeth of the maxilla and mandible to mesh well, and therefore gain the patient quality of life.

Orthodontics in children seeks to balance the growth of the jawbone and promote proper eruption of permanent teeth. In adolescents and adults seek the proper meshing of all teeth. It is important that the first revision to the orthodontist is done at 6 years old.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. David González Zamora

By Dr. David González Zamora

Dr. Gonzalez Zamora develops its healthcare activity as a specialist doctor in the Smilodon Clinic, of which he is founder and medical director. He is an expert in lingual orthodontics, Insignia Damon System, Invisalign, orthognathic surgery and treatment in children. He has been a Lecturer at numerous courses and conferences internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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