congenital malformations

Written by: Dr. César Galo García Fontecha
Published: | Updated: 09/11/2018
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A malformation is an anomaly of a part of the body that occurs within the first three months of pregnancy. This is due to an abnormal embryonic development, that is, structures have not been created correctly. By the term congenital we understand that the patient is born with the anomaly, and it should be noted that all malformations are congenital.

The malformations that compromise the skeleton affect 2 out of every 1,000 newborns .

These affect the upper and lower extremities equally, and there are different types of malformation. Some are very apparent but others may be unnoticed or diagnosed by chance.

Duplication of thumb.


Causes of malformations

35% of the malformations are produced by an alteration in the circulation of the limb while it is being formed, 30% is due to genetic alterations , while we do not know the cause of 32% of the cases. A series of factors can also favor the appearance of malformations, such as some medications, viral infections, X-rays, tobacco, alcohol or some drugs.


Treatment of malformations

Before and during pregnancy, good prevention is always the best treatment. Taking folic acid supplements helps prevent the appearance of spina bifida in the child, a defect in the closure of the spine. It is also beneficial to avoid exposure to agents that can produce a malformation and always consult the doctor before taking any type of medication.

Ultrasound controls during pregnancy are basic for prenatal diagnosis, and can establish a prognosis of severity. Regardless of the prenatal diagnosis, all newborns should be explored by the pediatrician and if a skeletal malformation is identified, it should be evaluated by the pediatric orthopedist.

Despite all the above, it is worth noting that most skeletal malformations have little aesthetic and functional repercussion, and their treatment is usually simple.


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By Dr. César Galo García Fontecha
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Prestigious researcher, Dr. Dr. García Fontecha is expert in child Traumatology and Orthopaedics, taking charge of all kinds of traumatic, orthopedic, congenital or developmental child locomotor diseases. He is a member of the Pediatric Trauma Surgery and Traumatology Service LENOX Corachan. It Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​is also a graduate in Statistics in Health Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Methodology has a Masters in health research at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has received several awards for his public career.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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