Solid and cystic pancreatic tumors not always be operated

Written by: Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Currently you can diagnose a lot of pancreatic tumors, both benign and malignant or malignant potential, thanks to techniques such as high - resolution ultrasound, tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.


Importance of proper diagnosis in pancreatic tumors

The problem of malignant tumors is clear: if you can have to surgically remove perform adjuvant cancer treatments. Ideally in such cases it is that the diagnosis has been made as early as possible.

However, there are a number of tumors are not malignant at the time of diagnosis but may have potential to become malignant tumors. These must be differentiated from benign tumors at diagnosis and see if they have no possibility of malignant transformation or this possibility is very low. The differential diagnosis is complex and vital as the first surgically intervene and the latter will be proper monitoring.

Many of these non - malignant tumors diagnosed in patients without symptoms who studies performed for other causes. At that time your doctor alarm and distress to the patient moves, without any basis for it. You will then perform countless studies without clear direction and gradually rises anguish.

Monitoring and intervention of pancreatic tumors

Once the relevant studies, in most of these patients should " be followed in time" the tumor (non - malignant), to see their behavior over a period of time.

At present, the experience of the surgical group attached to the "International Guidelines" existing, must decide the need for surgical intervention or not.

The fact interventions on the pancreas can cause serious diseases of pancreatic fistulas or abscesses with mortality risk, which must be assumed only by the type specialist in general surgery in case of real need.

It is important to note that these tumors are rare in the population are, however, more frequent in autopsies, which is to say they are tumors that have come into the patient 's lifetime without causing disease or symptoms.

Therefore it is recommended to go to a specialized service to determine whether or not to perform surgery on Pancré

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin

Dr. Ignacio Javier Calleja Kempin is a leading specialist in general surgery. It is particularly expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery, hepatoblio-pancreatic surgery, laparoscopic surgery esophageal-gastric and morbid obesity. Currently, you have a query in the San Francisco de Asis Hospital and has been Head of General Surgery and Gastroenterology of Chiron Group.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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