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Written by: Dr. Andrés Cánovas Martínez
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The Dr. Andres Martinez Canovas is a neurologist and belongs to Top Doctors, the exclusive circle of top-notch medical Espana. As an expert in disorders of attention we explain the details of its detection and treatment.


¿What are disorders of attention and originating


Attention disorder is a pathology that occurs in childhood and giving understanding and communication problems. Actually called disorders of attention because it is a very old diagnosis but really it's a problem of intracerebral communication makes IQ understands something practically hearing problems, visual problems of abstract type, and so on, which makes them understanding and communication problems, as I said above, and end school failure occurs. & iquest;For that occurs ? It is usually hereditary and also occurs in children prematurely and children born with low birth weight and therefore has soared much disorder attention lately because it really ever there are children with lower weight and preterm children and twin children and so on.


¿How I can know if my child has


Generally, parents are the first to realize. They inform teachers and professors suggest that the child is immature, probably mature at the time or is vague. The parents realize that the child has difficulties in social relationship with the environment or has difficulty learning the Letro -write between 5 and 6 years or sooner. When children besides attention disorder are hyperactive children, it can be diagnosed by the parents before and seen before.

The diagnosis is solely and exclusively clinical. Many parents wonder what they can do tests will. The child does not it could no specific test to find out if you have a disorder of attention or do not have, and the diagnosis is, as I said, solely and exclusively clinical, or medical history, ask the parents as it behaves the child and parents when they talk about how the child behaves and the doctor has enough experience and see the child in the query as it behaves. The diagnosis is almost immediate, in an interval of 10-15 min can clearly make the diagnosis if the child has an attention disorder with hyperactivity to no.


¿, which consists in treating¿? Is there a cure


Attention disorder is curable if. As I said before it's a problem of neurotransmitters makes the area where the IQ does not have a proper connection to the rest of the brain that produces attention disorder. And really what we use right now is a series of drugs, there are many available that are psychostimulants, which theoretically would have to do would unnerve the patient but to stimulate the brains and therefore stimulate attention and make the child who would have bad grades and having learning difficulties, these difficulties disappear, significantly improves the notes, significantly improves self-esteem and decrease patient much frustration and then, but only 10% of them do not heal and may be lifelong treatment, 80-90 % are cured completely puberty between 16-20 years and can safely discontinue treatment.

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By Dr. Andrés Cánovas Martínez
Pediatric neurology

Dr. Andres Martinez Canovas is a benchmark in Pediatric Neurology, with extensive professional experience in epilepsy, autism and ADHD. He is the President of the Medical Association of Valencia (CESM-CV).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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