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The risks of low cost surgery

Written by: Dr. Agustín Granado Tiagonce
Edited by: Top Doctors®

News of these features starring surprised us magazine covers national and international level "model dies during a breast augmentation" or "Brazilian model dies after injecting implants in the face", etc.. And, if something must be sure, it is who, how and where to submit when plastic surgery at any level.


"Your security is in your hands"

It is amazing the number of clinics, cutting expenses and professional accreditation with suspicious low quality materials, proposed to the patients get some really affordable for your surgery. This is highly attractive when making a decision but probably very risky consequences.


I recently read in a web of surgery the case of a Spanish surgeon who received in his office a patient operated on the Costa del Sol, "he found that he had been placed implants of a brand that had never heard or read. He suffered a partial necrosis of both areolas and had a bad aesthetic result [...] ". "[...] Arrepentida of its decision confessed that what took place was operated at that low price intervention". As this there are thousands of cases where patients forget priorities and not valued as important aspects to consider, such as the training and accreditation of the surgeon, the site conditions of the intervention or the material to be used.


Testimonials grateful to professional treatment

Recently we published an article on reconstructive surgery. Specifically it was the intervention and breast reconstruction process after a tumor. The patient claimed to have found confidence, safety and professionalism. Upon receiving these opinions patient, the doctor and the clinic staff, are proud, feeling happy and grateful patient with the process, from start to finish.

These reasons are the engine of the daily life of any clinic of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, because it makes them feel satisfied with their teamwork.

No surgical procedure can not be frivolizarse. Any intervention "low cost" should be reported, as well as any other that may endanger the patient's health.


Importance of striving for excellence and learn

Just depends on the patient who, how and where. It is essential exhaustively informed of the potential risks of undergoing surgery "low cost" as well as about the low quality materials. Reduce costs in anesthesia, surgery or breast implants can result in serious complications and even death of the patient.

The priority must be the health of the patient. Hence you are always advised to compare prices and conditions in different clinics and consult with several surgeons. However, it is also recommended not consider the price as increased demand but the quality of the implant, qualifications and experience of the surgeon and the clinic.


Relationship and doctor-patient empathy

The doctor-patient relationship is the most important aspects. Meet the doctor and empathize with him before surgery is essential for there to be a good understanding between them and ensure full confidence to the patient to intervention.

Companies offering low cost surgeries market the product through intermediaries, since their only goal is to maximize sales by offering "bargains" that patients can not refuse. This distorts the relationship with the patient, not being served directly by an expert in Plastic Surgery. Also, when complications occur the caller can disappear, whereas when there is a direct relationship with the surgeon, this will always be available for questions after the intervention.

As main recommendation to patients: be prudent to take all decisions under its responsibility and that only put into the hands of those who inspire them full professionalism and confidence.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Agustín Granado Tiagonce
Plastic surgery

Doctor Cum specializing in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Laude. Dr. Agustin Granado Tiagonce has formed internationally and has authored numerous articles published in national and international journals. Currently he is Head of the Unit for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Hospital Nisa Pardo de Aravaca.

He has over 25 years of experience and is a member of various associations as SECPRE, Ispas And ASAPS. He is an honorary professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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