Dental problems of society are changing, and with them the techniques to correct

Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

In general, orthodontic treatment call for "placing" children's teeth; however, this is not entirely true.

Orthodontics is the treatment to place the teeth, for example in case of a lack of space in some teeth crowding. This is a treatment that is generally performed in patients who have already completed dentition and have all permanent teeth in the mouth.

However, the problems that can treat an orthodontist are much broader.

What is orthodontics

Orthodontics is the treatment aims to correct alterations in the growth of the bones of the face (facial skeletal alterations or bone dysplasias). There are many patients either by family, genetic, hereditary or idiopathic cause, have poor growth of the jaw, so they develop a peculiar face with a chin very delayed. By contrast, in other cases the problem is that the jaw is well developed, with an overgrowth. Patients are prominent barbels (remember the Bourbons).

There are other diseases, such as severe malformation of class II, a skeletal disorder (bone dysplasia) caused by poor growth of the jaw or a forward position of the upper jaw. It produces a unique aesthetic appearance (face bird). It is perfectly treatable in growing patients; but if it is very severe and we want to avoid surgical treatment it is necessary to begin treatment sooner. It is the most common malocclusion in our environment.

These cases-many-they can be treated in a relatively simple manner by what we call orthodontics. These types of treatments are performed by the orthodontist when the patient is still growing, achieving very good results; sometimes spectacular.

Functional appliances orthodontics

Functional appliances are therapeutic methods are used to correct the impaired growth face. So, they are responsible for performing orthodontics.

These are devices with a very broad possibilities for treatment and getting excellent results (with proper patient compliance). They are comfortable and easy to use devices.

With this type of equipment we can make the aesthetics of our children is correct and harmonious when they reach adulthood, thus avoiding surgical treatment of highly complex and extremely costly. They are devices used since early last century, but in recent years when they have had a more complete scientific development, appearing designs truly spectacular treatment possibilities.

Applications of functional appliances orthodontics

Functional appliances can correct any skeletal alteration of the face, as long as the patient is old growth. The basic conditions are:

  • The younger the patient, the more likely treatment there.
  • It can act as long as the patient is growing. Overall, up to 13-14 years in girls and 14-15 years in males.
  • patient cooperation is required. Although the devices are not bothersome to the patient, it requires some adaptation time and then enough motivation for the patient to your device the hours he has to carry is placed.

What it is and when the lingual orthodontic be indicated

Lingual orthodontics is characterized in that the fixed unit (bracket) is placed inside the mouth art, attached to the lingual surface of the teeth. It is a technique that was developed several years ago and is now taking a new direction for its aesthetic possibilities, not seen at all.

It is primarily used in adult patients. The main reason for the indication is purely aesthetic: when a patient does not want to guess it takes some type of orthodontic treatment. Although there has been a breakthrough in the development of this technique and in Spain in recent years we have great professionals who perform it, the fundamental problem is that the patient needs a long period of adaptation, since the device can be annoying and difficult some functions. The other problem you have is their high cost.

At what age to start orthodontic treatment

Age to start orthodontic treatment depends on the problem the patient has. If the issue is skeletal type (bone dysplasia), in most cases it is necessary to start as soon as possible. It is in this type of pathology where we use braces, among which the most used are functional appliances. If the problem is exclusively tooth (eg a lack of space in the arcades), in such cases, as a general rule, it begins when tooth eruption is over and all the teeth are permanent. This is a general rule subject to exceptions, since it is common to find purely dental problems that need to be corrected in the early stages because, otherwise, could damage the rest of the teeth (for example, when a patient has a tooth " bites upside down ").

Adult orthodontics

The possibility of treatment in adult patients experienced a breakthrough in recent decades. Today, any adult patient with maloclusivos problems can be treated, whatever their age. This is due to the great development that have fixed appliance techniques, working with light forces and physiological. We have also developed a lot the techniques that make the most aesthetic treatment, as is precisely the lingual braces and other devices with transparent. However, the best chance of treatment in adults have been developed with the tremendous advance of surgery. By calling orthognathic surgery they can treat problems that were previously unsolvable, such as skeletal abnormalities that cause facial deformity or not pleasant facial aesthetic appearance.

The results are amazing and the patient may experience such a radical change in his facial aesthetic that often costs even adapt to his new face. Recall that the face, teeth, smile, profile, etc., are the first card we offer to our environment, and its appearance others see us and often we judge. That is why all the advances in this field are so welcome in our society, as we help others to have a "good business card".

Why is it so expensive orthodontic

Orthodontics is a branch of medicine high-tech. Like any medicine of this kind is costly, not so much for the medical cost itself but for all that carries aparatología. In major orthodontic research centers working to achieve a breakthrough technology that is affordable to most of the population. I sincerely believe that we are getting and with current techniques we can offer in Spain orthodontics at the highest level at a very competitive price. Our team at the Complutense University are working in this direction and we cover and treatment for many patients with very low costs.

Changes in health education of the population

The incidence of maloclusivos problems in the population is increasing slowly but steadily. The main cause of this increase lies in the type of power that have young.

Food tends to be increasingly soft, a fact that causes a slow involution in tooth development. Furthermore, it should take into account the information that today is the general population. Any parent can see a tooth "misplaced" in your child and take him to a specialist.

This health education is paying off.

For example, today the incidence of tooth decay in children is much lower than 20 years ago; and safely, the prevalence of edentulous population in 20 years will be much lower than the current. This is precisely because parents give importance to "tooth misplaced" and many more things.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz

Dr. Alió Sanz is one of the leaders in orthodontics worldwide.


Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and a specialist in Orthodontics. It has a large number of international publications and is the author of two reference books among orthodontists.


He combines his professional work with teaching, being Professor of Orthodontics at the Dental School of the UCM and co - director of the master of orthodontics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is the creator of the patented product ORTHOSPEED to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.


With over 30 years experience Prof. Dr. Juan J. Alió has the most modern facilities in Madrid orthodontic treatments offer the latest technology, applying the latest scientific and technological advances in orthodontic treatment in all therapeutic possibilities .


Account with a multidisciplinary team to perform orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgery, orthodontics and periodontics and implantology. If you are looking for orthodontic treatment with braces, this is your specialist.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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