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Written by: Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
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What is lipolaser or laserlipolysis?

The lipolaser or laserlipólisis is a technique that corrects an excess of body volume, due to increased accumulation of fatty tissue, through a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates adipocytes and tightens the skin.


It is a treatment to remove fatty tissue that consists of the application of an optical fiber that conduces a transcutaneous laser light. The specific emission of the type of laser used allows to destroy the fatty tissue and obtain a significant contraction of the skin.


Differences between liposuction and lipolaser

The lipolaser or laserlipolysis is also indicated for retouching on previous liposuctions with irregularities in the skin or with an important component of sagging after surgery.


In a "classic" liposuction, there is more trauma and bleeding in the destruction mechanism of the adipocyte through the cannula.



The lipolaser coagulates the small blood vessels (reduction of bleeding and bruising) causing less mechanical trauma during the procedure. This is the main advantage of laserlipolysis over classical liposuction , since it involves a much faster and less painful recovery because the inflammatory component that is triggered is less.


The immediate contraction of the skin that produces the laserlipólisis allows to extend the treatment to areas of difficult access for the traditional liposuction because of its poor response in the contraction or the irregularities that were left in the postoperative period. The actions on the inner side of the thighs or arms are more accessible with lipolaser, abdomen importantly affected by sagging, dewlap, bra high rolls and others.


They are ideal to intervene with lipolaser the most classic areas to correct and remodel: cartridges, glutes, abdominal region and sides. The main characteristic of the laserlipólisis is its high degree of satisfaction in the patients and our practitioners.


Can lipolaser be used on skin with stretch marks?

The lipolaser is ideal for performing volume corrections in devitalized and striated skin such as the abdominal region after pregnancy or the inner side of the thighs. The lipolaser opens the possibility of obtaining liporemodeling in older patients more prone to flaccidity, due to the thinning of the dermis and septa, thanks to the cutaneous contraction effect caused by the release of heat shock proteins that occurs during treatment.


Characteristics of the lipolaser technique

Usually the lipolaser or laserlipolysis requires local anesthesia with / without sedation, although it depends on the areas to be treated. Allows almost immediate incorporation into normal life in 24 hours. The discomfort during the next 2-3 days are similar to the stiffness, sending in less than a week. The compressive garment can be removed for sleeping in 4-7 days. The lipolaser improves considerably postoperatively.


Laserlipolysis is performed by introducing the flexible optical fiber, 1mm in gauge, through a minimum incision. Through this the laser light is conducted at an intradermal level; First it is used the laser light that destroys the fat and later the one designed to produce the contraction of the skin and the fibrous septa of the areolar grease. This last phase allows the adjustment of the skin to the new body contour.


It is an interesting treatment for small areas: jowl, inner side of arms, inner side of thighs, or small abdomen, where the retraction of the accompanying skin is very important to improve the results. It is also highly recommended to retouch previous liposculptures that have been accompanied by laxity. It can also be used as a supplement to classic liposuction or by aspiration.


The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called lipolaser, laserlipólisis or laser sculpture, produce an effective destruction of the fat tissue thanks to its photo thermal effect and at the same time stimulate neocolagenogenesis thanks to the deposit of heat at the hypodermic level.



Advantages of lipolaser or laser liposuction

  • The contraction effect of the tissues avoids flaccid post-liposculpture and deformities of the contour, generating a more homogenous contraction of the whole skin.
  • Unlike traditional liposuction, in the lipolaser the specific emission to destroy the fat generates a "melting" effect, respecting the other tissue structures.
  • The coagulative effect of the laser on the microcirculation of the area effectively prevents hematomas and bleeding.
  • Being a less traumatic treatment, the type of recovery is minimized.
  • The incision that is practiced on the skin is something more than a millimeter.
  • Procedures of low or medium fat extraction or circumscribed areas can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • The lipolaser or laserlipólisis is a technique applicable to any area of ​​the body.
  • It allows refined retouching of unsatisfactory results in previous liposuctions.
  • In large volume liposuction, laserlipolysis can be used in conjunction with conventional liposuction to ensure a good healing response to the skin contracture of the treated area.



For more information consult the plastic surgeon .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Plastic surgery

Dr. Salvador López is one of the most recognized specialists. She dedicates herself exclusively to facial and body aesthetic surgery and to breast reconstruction as a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Corachan Clinic in Barcelona. His experience has also made him part of the Breast Cancer Committee of the same center. His areas of interest are cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, breast reconstruction and lower limb reconstruction. Likewise, she also works at GinePlástica, the female intimate surgery unit at the Corachán Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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