Lipoinjertos by adipose tissue

Written by: Dr. Juan Monreal Vélez
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What is the lipograft technique?

The lipografts are also known in our usual jargon as lipoinjections or lipoimplantation or lipo-structure, in short all these terms coincide in the same as in extracting a portion of adipose tissue from under our skin , the procedure is usually done by liposuction of small volumes , although sometimes as in gluteal lipografts are larger quantities. In short, once obtained this fat and properly processed, it becomes an injectable filler material , that is what is ultimately a lipograft. Normally the deposition of this tissue is done by injection in places where we want to improve the volume or profiles of the area to be treated.


For which areas is this surgery indicated?

Adipose tissue grafts can be used in practically any area of ​​the body. If we start with the face , it would be very useful for facial remodeling or facial reconstruction due to soft tissue defects.. In the thoracic area , both men and women, we can do a remodeling of the chest area, aesthetic breast enhancement or a breast reconstruction in its entirety. In the gluteal area is very useful to make increases or remodeling, the same happens with the area of ​​the thighs where you can also do surface remodeling and thigh profiles, in the calves can increase volume and ankles You can also do a remodeling to increase the thickness, in the forearms and the wrists can also be extended for the same purposes.


What advantages do you have over the other fillings that exist today?

Adipose tissue does not need any type of integration, that is, there is a seizure and therefore a survival of a group of cells. This means that there are no rejections of any kind and therefore the secondary effects derived from them do not exist. On the other hand, synthetic fillings have to be integrated by the body and therefore there may be rejection phenomena and adverse effects that would not occur with adipose tissue.. On the other hand, the content of regenerative cells and adipose tissue stem cells - and that do not contain synthetic materials - would be a very interesting additional advantage.


What is the duration of the fillings with grease?

Since the fat will ignite and will survive in its new location there is no durability as such , simply the tissue survives or does not survive and that phenomenon occurs between 7 days and 4 months approximately. All the tissue that has already been on is not going to disappear because it is going to become a natural tissue and that will accompany the life of the patient throughout its existence, therefore, before body changes of weight or aging this tissue will react in a totally natural way. The fact that it does not disappear does not mean that it does not age and that therefore in the future that patient may need additional treatments.

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By Dr. Juan Monreal Vélez
Plastic surgery

It is the developer of the method Lipoimplante, president of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a member of prestigious scientific societies. An expert has made more than 40 publications in scientific journals as well as in national and international conferences. After graduating in Madrid he specialized in the United States and Mexico.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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