Lipoimplante:biological alternative to conventional synthetic implants

Written by: Dr. Juan Monreal Vélez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The lipoimplantes are implants that are made from the patient's own fat, thereby reducing postoperative inflammation, besides constituting a biological, durable and more reliable than conventional implants alternative.

Lipoimplante is the denomination that I gave my technique for fat grafting. This technique was developed in 1998 and registered with the Spanish Agency for Patents and Trademarks in 2001, along with instruments designed to perform it correctly.

This is a durable, biological and even more reliable alternative to solid, synthetic or injectable implants. The lipoimplante can be placed as such or enriched form, since it is possible to increase the number of regenerative cells and stem cells it contains.

This has the advantage of greater regenerative and biological power, so that the use of enriched implants is particularly suitable for those difficult areas.

The lipoimplante can be used in almost any body area, both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Here are some examples of the use that can be attributed:

-Augmentation. Replacing breast prostheses grease.

-Rebuilding or increased shoulders, biceps, glutes, calves or ankles

-Reconstruction of masculine and feminine neckline and chest

-Rejuvenation and facial reconstruction-Disguise walleye

-Increased cheekbones, jaw and chin

-Refreshing skin so deep mesotherapy

The most common areas to remove body fat used in lipoimplantes are the abdomen and thighs, but everything depends on the volume we need in the lipoimplante.

If we are to be implanted in the buttocks a liter of enriched regenerative cells fat, we need every possible body accumulation, whereas if we model the lips or cheeks need very small amounts, which will be able to draw from almost anywhere.



Each category of lipoimplante has a few specific recommendations postoperative. Still, there are some commonalities in all kinds of lipoimplantes:

1. Postoperative inflammation will be lower than in similar cases with solid prosthesis. The areas that will have more tendency to swell will be those from which is taken from the donor fat.

2. In medium or large lipoimplantes recommend the use of a strip of acupressure, like those used after conventional liposuction. In small lipoimplantes are usually not need any stitches or bandages in place.

3. With lipoimplantes bodily physical exercise is not recommended, at least for a month and a half.

4. Sun exposure at least

should be avoided for three months.

The stable long term lipoimplantes is excellent in 90 % of cases and with only one operation. The possible tweaks that are made posteri usually have the aim of adjusting the volumes of lipoimplante to suit the patient.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Juan Monreal Vélez
Plastic surgery

It is the developer of the method Lipoimplante, president of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a member of prestigious scientific societies. An expert has made more than 40 publications in scientific journals as well as in national and international conferences. After graduating in Madrid he specialized in the United States and Mexico.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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