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Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Lipofilling is a surgical procedure that allows to increase the volume of a part of the body through the transfer of fat obtained by liposuction.

It is indicated in the moderate increase of breasts and buttocks, for facial rejuvenation, correction of fatty tissue depressions at the corporal level, for facial lipodystrophies and for breast reconstruction.

How lipofilling is done

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia - sedation or under general anesthesia - but only occasionally requires hospital admission.

Currently, resorption has been minimized by the use of fine cannulae, with low pressure suction, careful and sterile handling of the fat (centrifugation at low revolutions or filtration and cleaning) and application by means of microcanulas depositing very little amount of fat in each zone. .

The postoperative period is usually quite mild, requires a compressive strip in the liposuction areas and involves the appearance of purple or variable swelling in the grafted area. Requires antibiotics and painkillers for a week. It has the advantage of not leaving visible scars.

It is considered that the result is already stable in 4-5 months although it is preferable to wait a minimum of 6 months if we need to make a new correction on the same area.

Fat enrichment with stem cells obtained from fat

Although with current techniques the percentage of fat resorption is much lower and the improvement in skin quality is evident, methods are sought to improve graft intake in the receiving area and allow us to graft less fat. Although controversies exist in the use of stem cells, it has not been possible to demonstrate any toxic effect or the appearance of tumors by the use of fat stem cells.

Undesirable effects

The complications in this surgery are minor and, sometimes, related to an incorrect manipulation that causes that the injected tissue does not survive or, making a good manipulation of the tissue, placing too much. The undesirable effects that can generate are:

-The greater than expected reabsorption that may be related to incorrect handling of fat.

- A mammary level the appearance of fatty cysts by the infiltration of large volumes in a small area or microcalcifications.

- At the facial level, overcorrection or use in cases not indicated can make the face too swollen.

- The complications of any liposuction can also occur.

Benefits with respect to other procedures

Currently, lipofilling in the right hands is one of the procedures of aesthetic and restorative surgery with higher performance and fewer complications. The advantages are clear, since being a minimally invasive procedure and scarcely scarring allows us to extract aesthetically those areas of excess fat and replace them in areas where we lack.

Apart from the improvement in volume, we can appreciate an improvement or rejuvenation of treated skin being, in this way, very useful not only for breast enlargement, buttocks or cheekbones, but also in cases of facial aging or sequelae of irradiated breasts after lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Although it seems a simple procedure requires not only an adequate technical training, but also a good aesthetic or artistic training.

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By Dr. Pedro Darnell Buisán
Plastic surgery

Specialist in plastic and restorative surgery, master in senology and microsurgery. His training and career have made him an expert in cosmetic surgery and breast repair as well as facial and body aesthetic surgery. Currently we can find it in the University Institute Dexeus of Barcelona, ​​one of the most prestigious and technologically advanced clinics in Catalonia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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