Lymphedema or accumulation of liquids

Written by: Dr. Emilio García Tutor
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Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein-rich fluid into the extravascular space that can cause pain in the affected person, heaviness cause enlargement of the affected part, limitation of movement, and even pain, itching and discomfort. The rate of its progression varies widely, since we can find in frantic and in other cases very slow;that is why all cases of lymphedema are a world and have very different characteristics.

The most common cause of this accumulation of liquids are the oncological treatments, but also that lymphedema can be Congenital and develop at different ages without apparent cause. With regard to the third world, the main cause of the development of lymphedema is filariasis, a group of parasitic diseases.

Symptoms of lymphedema

In the most early stages, the most common symptoms are heaviness and slight increase in volume, which returns with rest and elevation of the limb. Over time, this increased volume of the affected limb, and may even appear on the face and scalp, or on the genitals, where it becomes permanent. It is progressive;effects enhance the cold in winter and worse in summer heat.

The onset of the disease is mild, but eventually becomes hard and fibrous. You can go to extremes to fend for itself prevent the patient. In this last stage, is called elephantiasis.

Treatment of Lymphedema

In the surgical treatment of lymphedema, we find the application of two techniques: lymphatic venular anastomosis, in which he makes a lympho venous bypass at the tip itself. Furthermore, the Transplant gangionar lymph nodes are transferred from the inguinal, axillary or cervical area to the affected limb.

His appearance is not preventable, but controlling its progression. This is accomplished through the surgical treatment or through the classic conservative treatments.

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Dr. Emilio García Tutor

By Dr. Emilio García Tutor
Plastic surgery

Dr. Emilio Garcia Tutor is a leader in the specialty of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic. He is an expert in the surgical treatment of lymphedema, restorative Microsurgery and microsurgical breast reconstruction. From its formation, has highlighted the PhD in Medicine and Surgery, and serves also as a professor at the University of Alcala. His academic and professional merits have allowed her to be a member of several medical associations and scientific.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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