Written by: Dr. Juan Luis Morán Montepeque
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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The facelift is a surgical intervention that can correct facial aging and rictus. It is a plastic surgery technique that helps a lot to improve the facial appearance of patients, restoring skin tone and recovering lamp shades. A facelift can be done with two types of anesthesia: local and general, and can distinguish between different surgical techniques: vector of lower two-thirds of the upper third, temporal, or by lipolifting between other.

With the lifting we can correct virtually all areas of the face, from the neck to the forehead, through the eyelids. The procedure could be summarized in the relocation of SMAS, stretching of the skin, and finally, suturing incisions.


Advice for facelift

The operation is advisable or not, depending on the condition of the patient, but with complementary techniques fillings hyaluronic acid, botox or lipolifting seems that the age for this surgery is delayed. However, in many cases, patients aged 30-40 years require our services for this treatment.


scarless Treatment

The after a facelift scars are barely visible, or are obscured by hair or are in hidden areas. The scarring on the face is usually very good in this regard, the patient has nothing to fear.


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Dr. Juan Luis Morán Montepeque

By Dr. Juan Luis Morán Montepeque
Plastic surgery

Dr. Moran Montepeque specializes in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive. Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1980. It has more than thirty years of experience nationally and internationally. It is Full Member of the Spanish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( SECPRE ) of the Galician Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery ( SGCPRE ) and the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( AECEP ).

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