Lifting biothermal, the latest in facial rejuvenation

Written by: Dr. Jaume Tufet Opi
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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The biothermal lift is a concept created by the Tufet specialist Clinic Aesthetic Medicine , to refer to a novel treatment of facial rejuvenation without surgery. This treatment is intended to maintain the quality of the skin despite the age, stimulating collagen induction to regenerate it naturally.

Facelifts Collagen is a type of protein found naturally in the body and, along with elastin, is responsible for giving flexibility and resilience to the skin. Over time, the strength and firmness are lost due to UV rays, pollution, stress, poor diet, snuff, exercise and sleep deprivation.

It is roughly 25 years old when the person begins to lose collagen. From this age, more or less, people lose an overall 1.5% of body collagen. This natural aging. At age 40, people produce only half of collagen produced in adolescence. And, at 60, there is already a 35% reduction of collagen production in the human body.

Aesthetic medicine offers a number of effective treatments to reactivate collagen in the skin of the face. These are:

  • Radiofrequency
  • Focused ultrasound for rejuvenation
  • The CO2 laser active
  • IR light system

To perform these treatments, different technological devices are used. The use of these devices to complete is what creates the biothermal lifting.

With this combination is in addition to the stimulation of collagen induction, compact skin, shape it, and gets renew densify. Therefore, it is important to perform all treatments for a better outcome.


How biothermal facelift performed?

Before making biothermal lifting treatment, a facial diagnosis is made ​​by Visia. With this diagnosis, you get to know in detail the state of the dermis and epidermis, through detailed analysis.

After analyzing facial rejuvenation individualized programs in order to get the best result for specific age and skin type they are designed to treat.

Biothermal lifting treatment is an investment in the skin as the treatment is used alone or in combination. The combination results in increased income in the process of rejuvenation and skin recovery from its inner layers.

The above treatments, maintain the natural features of the face and regenerate the skin from the inside so that it recovers its firmness and elasticity. Thus, a fresher appearance, brighter and decreased surface wrinkles is achieved.

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By Dr. Jaume Tufet Opi
Aesthetic Medicine

Doctor with comprehensive, award-winning academic curriculum his vast experience has led him to have his own clinic. He is a recognized expert in radio frequency body lift, facelift radiofrequency and focused ultrasound.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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