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Written by: Dr. Enrique Bassas Mercader
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¿What is the goal of complete facial lifitng ?The facelift surgery is a surgery for facial rejuvenation and is done with the idea of ​​removing the signs of aging that people have. It can be performed at different ages, as there are people aging sooner than others and basically combat sagging face due to the passage of the years.

height¿Who is the ideal candidate to undergo this surgeryThis type of surgery is mainly for people who want a facelift. They are people who understand aged forty-five and fifty years and want to solve the problem of sagging.

¿, consisting in the full face lift surgery ?Involves making an incision around the ear, starting above the pin up to the scalp. The difference between actual liftings with the past is that once off and just stretch the skin was enough. Today, however, it also makes deep lifting, ie the lifting of the facio- aponeurosis and the muscles in the face, which is as if we did a double lift stretching the internal muscles of the face and then just reacoplamos skin in place after this pre-stretching.

¿What type of anesthesia is often used ?Normally for the complete lifting of the entire face a general anesthesia is used and instead for partial lifting, such as lifitng neck or cheek lift, a local anesthetic is used. In which case you can also choose whether or not to be local anesthesia with or without sedation.

¿, there risks or side effects associated with surgery ?Like any surgery can have complications or risks that occur in a general anesthetic or a general surgery, but most of the risks are assumed, of little duration and of little consequence in the final outcome of the operation.

¿What results can be expected with full facelift surgery ?The results are not only very good immediately, but will also extend the time. Normally it is very rare to have to repeat a facelift before ten or twelve years and even fifteen years. In any case, once made the lift, you can associate small partial corrections and the use of implants, mainly hyaluronic acid in some specific wrinkles or any groove or infiltrate Botulinum Toxin to smooth wrinkles of expression. This can be a complement for subsequent years to a facelift, but really the result is very satisfactory and lasting. He is very grateful surgery.

¿, can I expect during recovery ?The recovery is quite fast, usually the operation is performed with an income clinic twenty-four hours, then the removal of the bandages will be made between the following two or three days and the final withdrawal of the points on the eighth day. In all that time if they have not appeared hematomas, the reinstatement of public life is very fast and secure, and if there has been, may be delayed at most two weeks.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Enrique Bassas Mercader

By Dr. Enrique Bassas Mercader
Plastic surgery

Regarding international specialty, accumulated over 30 years of experience as a Plastic Surgeon. Trained at the Clinica Planas in Barcelona, ​​in the New York Medical Center and Jackson Memorial. It was department head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the San Pablo Hospital de Barcelona and the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona. He currently runs one of the teams of Plastic Surgery at the Medical Center Teknon in Barcelona. SEME founder and member of the SECPRE, Dr. Bassas is one of the most prestigious Plastic Surgeons of our country.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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