A decisive technique for Physiotherapy Myofascial release,

Written by: Hipólito Caballero Requejo
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The Myofascial Release is a technique that allows, through lower pressures deeper, cause changes in the fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds and protects the muscles


What is the fascial system

The fascial system of the body form a continuous network of connective-controlling connective tissue in different ways, all components of body. You can not maintain a healthy body without a healthy fascial system. If there are restrictions of mobility in this tissue creates "discomfort" that interfere with the proper functional development of all systems of the body. The fascial system may be too tense or may be too relaxed. In both cases the function is affected body. This behavior can be compared with three ways to tie a hammock: too tight, too loose or balanced between two trees; only in the last body is comfortable. The system unifies fascial muscles, joints, bones and thoracic, abdominal and pelvic. Also supports the viscera and protects the nervous, vascular and lymphatic system.


What is Myofascial Release

Myofascial induction is a set of manual techniques that affect the structure of connective tissue or fascia. It is a simultaneous process of evaluation and treatment, in which, through three-dimensional movements and sustained pressure applied throughout the fascial system, releasing myofascial restrictions being sought, in order to recover the functional body balance.


What is myofascial release technique

The key, according to experts in Physiotherapy is manually reorganize pathological collagen crosslinks. It has been found that the manipulation from the skin can cause changes in the properties of the tissue stimulated. Tensegrity is important to understand this technique, where any structure has an equilibrium and integrity of their tension, giving stability concept.With myofascial release techniques seek this balance of pressure or less slides deeper, causing changes in the connective tissue, where piezoelectricity principle, by applying a mechanical force (fascial manipulation) on a fabric, it can deform and change its properties to generate an electric potential. Based on these principles we apply pressure techniques and superficial and deep sliding. Within the superficial myofascial techniques have landslides in "J" which are longitudinal and transverse landslides landslides; and within the deep myofascial techniques have crossed hands, the transverse planes, telescopic balancing techniques and the dura.



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 Hipólito Caballero Requejo

By Hipólito Caballero Requejo
Physical therapy

Outstanding physiotherapist, Mr. Knight Requejo currently carries out its professional activity in the Noumar Center. He earned his degree in Physical therapist at the University Miguel Hernandez de Alicante in 2004.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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