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Written by: Dr. Enrique Crespo Rubio
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Osteoarticular injuries in professional bullfighters according fundamentally affect my experience the upper limb, and of these, the law, which is dominant in most all people. This is because in the kill all the weight of that luck, biomechanically, lies in the right upper limb. In this area, there are two joints very involved: the first metacarpophalangeal hand (holding and tighten the grip of the rapier) and glenohumeral shoulder in confronting two forces (on the one hand the matador pushing the sword and the other the bull gores to touch / cite crutch).

The resulting injuries are an instability in both, either by repeated trauma (chronic) or by a single (acute) trauma, the final result will be: on the thumb, a torn capsule-ligamentous metacarpal-phalangeal system, mainly affecting the ligament ulnar collateral; and on the shoulder, a total rupture / disunity, partial or glenoid labrum and the ventral capsule (associated with a fracture understanding of the back of the humeral head).

Of course, the bullfighters may suffer or suffer any musculoskeletal injuries that support those professional or amateur sports contact and seating in the lower limb.

Spanish bullfighter

Physical preparation of a torero

To goad must have a significant physical and mental preparation. The physical situation is vital in a bullfighter, but we have all seen in the bullrings examples that prove otherwise, but they are the exceptions that prove the nature of these men ... Because during a bullfight the matador himself, has to stand still most of the fight, but also have to move, hold "tackle" (cloak, crutch, sword), supporting the attacks, clashes with the bull and also endure, conquer fear it imposes. And fear also wears, and much, physically.

All this greatly weakens the physical capacity of the torero, so a good physical preparation is the best way to avoid some extent, these lesions. In fact, many professional bullfighters and supported by physiotherapists and trainers throughout the year, which not only help them regain their injuries but guide them in their physical preparation.


Treatment of injuries on a matador

There is a prior consideration: traditionally, the bullfighters have not given the importance it represents a trauma injury compared to that other show you the cornadas. Fortunately-for them and for their careers as professional as wrong toreo- this concept it is becoming history.

However, there is another issue closely linked to the idiosyncrasy of the bullfighter: if the injury occurs during the season and the bullfighter has signed many contracts, most prefer not definitively resolve that is, until the end of their season operarse-. All this would only aggravate his injury and thus recovery.

If we focus on the injuries described above, we think thumb injuries should be treated by experts orthopedists in hand surgery, while shoulder instability can be solved by any specialist in orthopedic surgery through arthroscopy.

The problem comes next: the torero must be aware that his recovery will need a period of immobilization inexcusable, in each case, and then a specific rehabilitation.


Cogidas more dangerous for the torero

If we ignore the very rare few are dressed in light -heridas bull horn affecting neck, chest cavity and abdomen that can bring the goring entranced the life of a matador in the bullring are those affecting femoral and even iliac vessels.

In the retina of the fans who have witnessed, are recorded, will be present always, these images ... the fallen in the sand, after being hit by the bull matador, and blood spurting, imposing, torn satchel drenching the ring. And you also are recorded on surgeons and doctors who contemplate, at that time, when we leave our burladero laboriously to get our infirmary.

They are wounds that test serenity and expertise of a medical team that not only needs a strong medical-surgical training in the care of these horns (and that is acquired only with experience precisely infirmaries), also an order and a huge mettle in nursing in each team member.

As we have said on more than one occasion, vascular injuries are the "Miura" with which the bull surgeons have to deal at some point in our careers.

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By Dr. Enrique Crespo Rubio
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Crespo Rubio is a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and serves as orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo Chiron, seeing patients in consultation and derivatives Urgency; plus Taurine is an expert in surgery, being Chief Medical and Nursing Team of different bullrings like Zamora, Huesca, Ciudad Rodrigo, among many others. It has been and is the organizer of various national and international conferences Taurine Surgery and is secretary of the Spanish Society of Surgery Taurine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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