Frequent injuries in Padel

Written by: Dr. Angel Bigas Bonamusa
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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The Padel is sport that not required a physical training. It is fun and easy to practice. But without a minimal preparation, you can expose our body injury.

It is basic exercises of Heating before playing, as well as Stretching at the end. It is also important to Sport (clothes, shoes and shovel ) suitable for everyone.

Beginner Inexperience can lead to paddle physical overexertion, for the practice of sport for too long or not storing enough recovery time. All this can cause injury.

The most frequent injuries are usually Tendon and Muscle, and lesions joint. The main cause of injury in arm and elbow, is the constant repetition of movements to hit the ball.

The most frequent injuries are usually the Tendonitis Shoulder of the rotator cuff and Tendonitis Elbow ( epicondylitis or¨tennis elbow¨ ;). Debidas to overuse of these joints. To avoid this problem will be important muscle stretching exercises before and after playing. It is important Rehabilitador early treatment, as epicondylitis can become a chronic disease. Tendonitis can also develop in the knee, wrist or foot ( Achilles tendonitis ). One of the most serious shoulder injury is the Shoulder Dislocation. less frequent. Output consists of the humeral head from his shoulder joint cavity. It usually occurs during a smash.

The Padel requires rapid changes of direction and sometimes sharp turns knee occur. This can lead to Sprains Knee, which affect the ligaments ( lateral and cross ) that give stability to the knee. The Chondromalacia patella is a wear inner cartilage of the patella, knee. The injury is caused by the continuous friction between the patella and the femur. In the rehabilitation of these injuries are important muscle toning exercises thigh (quadriceps and hamstring ).

The continuous jumps and races, can hurt the foot of the athlete, and cause the foot plantar fasciitis. Inflammation of the tissue covering the foot and reaches the heel. Related to this can produce the Espolon calcaneus foot. To prevent this, are important stretching exercises and podiatric studies.

The most common muscles are Muscle Strains and Fractures, in the twin leg. It is common to occur at the beginning of the game, insufficient heating. Important to drink during the match, to maintain good hydration of muscle.

The Back Pain is also very common in this sport. And repetitive movements are explosive, causing overload, and muscle imbalances between lumbar and abdominal wall. The Smash or high shots force the player to take a stand that can cause back pain.

Finally, insisting that to avoid these lesions perform basic Warm Up before playing, as well as Muscle Stretching at the end.

Also, always make regular checkups, including cardiological controls and analytical blood, under the supervision of a Doctor of Sport.

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By Dr. Angel Bigas Bonamusa
Sports Medicine

Dr. Bigas Bonamusa is a renowned specialist in Sports Medicine and Traumatology. With over 20 years of experience, she is expert in the pathology of knee and shoulder. He currently heads Padel Clinic and Clinic Corridor and cyclist, both in Barcelona. Visit also Clinical Sant Jordi, at Clinica Olivé Gumà and several centers Milenium Sanitas. Collaborates with the Catalan Federation of Padel and participate the "Zona Padel" program on Radio Marca BCN well as People magazine Sport. He is a member of various medical societies such as Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine and the Catalan Society of Medicine Esportiva.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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