Laser to remove stains on the face, hands and tattoos

Written by: Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca
Published: | Updated: 09/08/2022
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What is the treatment of tattoos and laser-pigmented lesions?Today we treat multiple lesions pigmented with the laser: the most frequent are the lentigines, which are spots that come out with the sun and with age, and tattoos. The treatment in both cases is similar, the only difference is in its duration. To treat a tattoo it is necessary to devote more sessions compared to the cases of lentigines.

Can I remove the tattoos with the laser?

An application of alexandrite QS laser is in the removal of tattoos. When it comes to eliminating tattoos, non-professionals usually require less therapeutic effort than professional tattoos. This is due to the multiple colors and high concentration of pigment used. The green and yellow pigments, and in part the red ones, are usually resistant to treatment with this laser. The number of sessions needed to remove tattoos varies between 7 and 10 sessions. The results are very satisfactory.

What is the purpose of the treatment and what is it?The objective is to eliminate the stain and / or the tattoo. The treatment is very simple, the laser is applied, it gives very focused shots and produces a burst of the pigment that is later reabsorbed by some cells of our body and ends with the disappearance of the spot.To treat lentigines one or two sessions are necessary, this will depend on the tone of the stain, the clearer the less sessions will be necessary. On the contrary, the treatment of tattoos normally requires between eight and ten sessions. There are some particular cases in which some more session is needed due to the type of skin and the type of tattoo.



Is the application of anesthesia necessary?When dealing with large extensions or tattoos it can sometimes be a bit annoying, depending on the sensitivity of each person. In these cases you can use a topical anesthetic, which is an anesthetic in the form of a cream that is applied one or two hours before treatment and manages to reduce sensitivity.

Are there any risks or side effects?The type of laser used leaves no scar or marks. There are more than 25 years of experience using this type of laser. During this time they have been refined more and more and there has never been any kind of complication.

Does the treatment vary according to the type of skin?If the person has a dark skin type, the person's own pigment also captures the energy of the laser and produces a more important impact. In contrast, in people with fair skin with less pigment on the skin this impact does not occur. Likewise, we must assess the intensity of the stain, because when a spot is very strong or very pigmented you have to put less energy in the laser so it does not make an impact too strong. And when the spot is clearer and more blurred, you have to put a higher energy.

what results can be expected?When we treat lentigines the result is spectacular because it leaves no sign and the skin remains clean and unblemished. The most frequent parts that we treat are the face and the hands, and in both cases the results are excellent. In the tattoos also the results are very good getting to completely eliminate it.

When can normal activities be resumed after treatment?In principle normal activities can be resumed immediately after doing the treatment, but it must be taken into account that during a week or ten days the spots that we have treated will be more evident. During the first days there is a violet color that then changes to brown and little by little they become clear. After ten days they will have disappeared.

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Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca

By Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca

Dr. Javier Bassas Bresca is a leading dermatologist with 35 years of professional experience. He is an expert in alopecia, skin cancer and stains and pigmented lesions laser. Author of numerous publications, is regular at conferences and meetings on the field, both nationally and internationally.

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