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Written by: Dr. Xavier Santos Heredero
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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The Laser Lifting -name with which this innovative technique is known- requires local anesthesia and is performed on an outpatient basis. The treatment consists of applying laser energy to the dermis to achieve the stimulation and formation of new collagen, thus returning smoothness to the skin , without the need to undergo aggressive surgery or to inject any substance. Also the laser energy produces a destruction of the fat eliminating it in those areas where it accumulates, such as the double chin.

This new type of lifting , which has already revolutionized aesthetic treatments in the United States, is part of the new trend of non-aggressive surgery characterized by the use of technologies that reduce patient discomfort and convalescence, allowing almost immediate incorporation normal life

Specifically, the Laser Lifting is especially indicated to eliminate effectively and selectively the signs of aging due to age and sun exposure on face, neck and décolleté, preserving healthy skin completely intact.

The results of laser lifting

The results on the loss of elasticity or sagging in sensitive areas such as cheeks and jowls are progressive and lasting, getting rid of the flaccidity and recovering the elasticity of the skin practically without pain. The entire intervention does not last beyond 45 minutes. At the end a light band is placed under the chin and fixed with Velcro on the head, to help the skin adapt better to the new morphology. In the first 24-48 hours there may be slight edema of the face and neck, sometimes a bruise, but normal activity can be regained after two or three days.

To further improve the elasticity of the skin and correct flaccidity, an external Radiofrequency treatment that complements the effect of the laser is associated . In addition, the Laser Lifting results are reinforced with an external laser treatment that also eliminates all types of skin blemishes and varicose veins (red veins), restoring the skin's full luminosity.

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Dr. Xavier Santos Heredero

By Dr. Xavier Santos Heredero
Plastic surgery

Reference in its sector, Dr. Santos Crown is an expert plastic surgeon in breast surgery, laser surgery, surgery of rejuvenation, body contouring surgery and reconstruction for breast cancer.

He is director of Department at the Faculty of Medicine of the University CEU San Pablo de Madrid, and secretary of the Latin American Journal of Plastic Surgery. He has authored over 70 scientific publications, 150 papers and presentations at conferences and scientific meetings, and author of 22 book chapters. He currently serves as Chief of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic in Torrelodones Montepríncipe and Hospitals, the Hospital de Madrid Group.

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